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*Broken::Hearted* (x0_0nly_y0u_0x) wrote,
@ 2005-07-12 19:34:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:*Swing*Swing* .::.All American Rejects.::.

    Bam Margera And His Hotness!
    I'm making a collage of Bam Margera and his hotness! So I'm printing out like 32850538347 pictures! I had to take Emo to the vet at like 11, so my mom woke me up. Then me and my family went bowling. I did really good the first game. But I sucked the last game. Then I got home and was mad, because I can't hang out with Dominick today, because I got in trouble. So now I'm going to do a survey or two, because I am super bored:::


    Name: Lindsay.
    Age: 14.
    Gender: Female.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Religion (if any): Catholic.
    Current Residence: Orland Park, Illinois.

    +::Either Or::+

    Hot Topic or no topic: Hot Topic.
    Rain or Snow: Rain.
    Shower or Bath: Bath.
    Shoe or flip flop: Flip Flop.
    Sunrise or sunset: Sunset.
    Glasses or Contacts: Contacts.
    Crayons or Markers: Markers.
    Pens or Pencils: Pens.
    Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic.
    Crushed or cubed (ice): Cubed.
    AIM or phone: AIM.
    Fruits or Vegetables: Fruits.
    T-shirt or Tank top: Tank Top.
    High Heels or No heels: No heels.


    Abortion: I don't think it's good. But I don't think it's bad.
    War: I don't like it.
    Religion: It's okay.
    Gay Marriage: If you want.
    Death Penalty: Depends on the crime.
    Premarital Sex: I'm all for it.
    Drinking Age: Not fair! Too old!
    The Draft: Ehh.
    Legalize Marijuana: Sure.
    Pornography: If you want.
    Divorce: Yeah, people do it.
    Online Dating: Stupid. But go on ahead if you want.


    If you could have any magical power what would it be: Invisiblility.
    Do you believe in “perfect”: No, real people aren't perfect, and perfect people aren't real.
    If you could have lunch with any three famous people, who would they be: Liam Aiken (Klaus Boudelaire), Bam Margera (Pro Skateboarder), Ryan Sheckler (Pro Skateboarder).
    Do you wish on stars: Yeah.
    Do you keep a journal or diary: Yeah.
    What is your profession- or what would you like to be: Not sure yet. Something that makes a lot of money.
    Do you drink or do any drugs/ have you: I have drank and smoked before.
    Do you play an instrument: Kind of.
    Have you ever been in love? Yeah.
    Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on? I cheated before, but only once, and I learned my lesson!
    Have you ever broken someone's heart or had your heart broken? Yeah, I've had my heart broken before.
    If you could get inside one persons head for a day, who would it be and why? Derek, so I could find out why he doesn't like me.
    If you could ask one question to everyone else, what would it be? Do you love me?


    Flavor of Starburst: Cherry.
    Kind of ice cream: Chocolate.
    Beverage: Red Bull.
    Restaraunt: TGI Fridays.
    Color: Pink.
    Pizza Topping: Cheese.
    Store: American Eagle.
    Holiday: National Foot Day! Lmao Jenny!
    Season: Summer.
    CD/Band: HIM.
    Place to relax: My bed.
    Sport: Basketball.
    Movie: A Series Of Unfortunate Events.
    Actor and Actress: Liam Aiken/???
    Book and Author: Harry Potter Series/J.K. Rowling.
    Artist/Photographer: What?

    Here's one more..

    Band Survey..

    A: Ashlee Simpson, All American Rejects.
    B: (The) Bravery.
    C: CKY.
    D: D12.
    E: Eminem.
    F: Fall Out Boy.
    G: Green Day.
    H: HIM! Hawthorne Heights.
    I: Incubus.
    J: Jet.
    K: (The) Killers, Kenny Chesney.
    L: ???
    M: My Chemical Romance.
    N: New Found Glory.
    O: (The) Offspring.
    P: Papa Roach.
    Q: ???
    R: Ryan Cabrera.
    S: Saves The Day, Sugarcult.
    T: Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line.
    U: (The) Used.
    V: ???
    W: (The) White Stripes.
    X: ???
    Y: Yellowcard.
    Z: ???

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