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wwthrserrhj (wwthrserrhj) wrote,
@ 2012-02-14 00:46:00
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    Gothic runic inscriptions - Microdermabrasion Machines - China IPL Spare Parts
    Substantial publish: Ring of all Pietroassa
    A precious metal engagement ring (necklace) inside 1837 around Pietroassa (recte Pietroasa, northern-traditional western Romania, these 50kilometers down related to Satu Mare), dated for your florida. Text ad 400, with being an Folk Futhark inscription to do with 15 runes. Your Current bridal ring turned out thieved when 1875, while trimmed back in two equipped with pliers through a Bucharest goldsmith. It's hauled, the actual 7th rune is currently wrecked:
    gutani [?] ' hailag ( [?] ). Intense Pulsed Light Laser
    By pre-1875 pictures in addition to types obtained browse mainly because othala , gutaniowi hailag ( ), viewed for choose to gutanio ' hailag "holy to your gothic adult females", or gutan-iowi hailag "holy up to the Jove coming from Goths" (Loewe 1909; viewed in the role of Thunraz), or to gutani e[thala] hailag "sacred gift of money using the Goths" (gutani will genitive plural, with Ulfilan gutane (). Microdermabrasion Machines
    Ones id via the 7th rune such as othala have ever since recently categorised as inside worry, having said that an image in use relating to East London's Arundel Civilization prior to being vandalised has just lately been republished along with also the impaired rune is unmistakably a major (Mees 2004). To be able to interpret gutanio stays some sort of a number claim among runologists, about the (Nedoma 2003). China IPL Spare Parts
    All Of The spearhead to Kovel
    The person in charge from the puncture, present in 1858 Suszyczno, 30 kilometres everything from Kovel, Ukraine, old to a early 3rd century.
    The spearhead program plans 15.5 cm using a maximum time period of 3.0 centimetres. Each party within leaf got inlaid containing silver precious metal signs. The inscription famously is directly to remains, various tilarids, viewed whereas "thither driver", many times with the enthusiast, or perhaps even inside spear by themself. It could be labeled as Gothic appear nominative -s (compared to Proto-Norse -z). Of The to or deborah are probably nearer to the actual Latin alphabet than to any common Parent Futhark, as it are Testosterone Levels (possibly TIRIDS, when i, r and as a result s offer the same throughout Futhark and even Latina characters).
    That 1880 illuminating on spearhead could showed throughout Berlin, another 1884 throwing by using Warsaw. The original been recently looted by Nazi archaeologists from its Polish webmaster doing 1939 along with yes it experienced been estranged permanently towards the end relating to WWII.
    The spearhead over Dahmsdorf-Mncheberg
    The scalp any lance, inside Dahmsdorf-Mncheberg, with Brandenburg approximately between Berlin as Oder Stream, inscribed when it comes to ranja () (Ulfilan rannja [], "wireless router").
    Spindle whorl including Letcani
    Spindle whorl inside Letcani, Romania, dated on the 4th century
    Silver harness present in Szabadbattyan, Hungary, old inside your previous 5th century.
    Marstrander, Carl, 'Pour gotiske runeminnesmaerker', Norsk tidskrift regarding sprogvidenskap 3 (1929), 25-157.
    Ebbinghaus, Ernst, 'The question associated with Visigothic runic inscriptions re also-looked at', Simple Linguistics 30 (1990), 207-14.
    Dietrich, Franz I.M., Nufactured inscriptionibus duabus Runicis text ad Gothorum gentem relatis (Marburg: Elwert, 1861).
    Loewe, Richard, 'Der Goldring von Pietroassa', Indogermanische Forschungen 26 (1909), 203-8.
    Graf, Heinz-Joachim, 'Gutanio wi hailag oder Gutaniom hailag? - Zur Lesung des Ringes von Pietroasa', Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift 31 (1943), 128-29.
    Mees, Bernard, Runo-Gothica: The Most Important runes along with also the beginning among Wulfila's program, Pass On Sprache 43 (2002/3 [publ. 2004]), 55-79.
    Nedoma, Robert. 'Pietroassa, 2. Runologisches', all over Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde, vol. 23 (2003), pp. 15558.
    Different Types: Runic identities | Medieval coming up with | Byzantine Empire-related inscriptions

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