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wustvox (wustvox) wrote,
@ 2006-01-24 15:01:00
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    Current mood:BulbouS
    Current music:Otyg - Alve Fard

    .: Time to drop a smell-meloN :.
    Public access library internet sucks a male camel's dick with horsey-sauce!

    Before leaving a friend's house where I'm staying today, I saw something in Reader's Digest about kids choking themselves to death!!

    HAHA! Oh man...why the f0ck would anyone want to choke themselves? The kid it was talking about never used drugs or drank. Definatly part of the problem. If the dumbass had actually drank some liquor or smoked pot, etc...well he'd probably be busy doing that and instead of choking on a venetian-blind cord he could have been choking on a fat joint!!

    I would say it suprises me that people do such idiotic things but I'd be lying. People are such idiots they will constantly invent new ways of going over the edge of stupidity.

    Oh yes and then there's the Myspace suicide kid. How lame is that? "Oh save me!! I'm gonna commit suicide on the internet!!". I thought it had gone too far when Timothy Leary died of natural causes on the internet but this is just rich!! People are all upset about it...what about all the other deaths that happen each day throughout the world?

    When people take their own lives, who should feel sorry for them? Not a single person!! It was their life and their choice. If the world was too much for them and they axe themselves out of it, we should be happy that they are out of their misery!

    Oh and people always say "oh you didn't live their life so you wouldn't know ". Thanks for stating the obvious but you forget one thing; I don't care!! The reason I didn't live these loser's life is that I'm me and I wouldn't end shit just because a girl breaks up with me or people don't like me!! All that shit's time to celebrate, nothing more.

    The myspace suicide kid has been lolocausted at the following site!

    Oh and the site has seen 11,180 hits as of today!! So as much as people keep bitching about how suicide isn't funny...11,180 hits says love it or hate it, nobody can do without it!!

    If people hate me, I love it all the more!! If I'm liked? I like that too! As long as I still have me, I never lose!!

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