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jenna (jennasmithxoxo) wrote in wrotemyquotes,
@ 2006-08-07 14:18:00
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    Heres some more that I wrote...Im hoping to get some more people posting their own, only a few people have.
    Anyways, Let me know what u guys think :]

    1) Sometimes no matter how many people tell you not to, you get attached to the one person you're better off without.

    2) I never used to understand how you could "lose yourself" in someones eyes, until I saw his.

    3)All I want to know is if all this is worth it in the end. I dont need to hear what will happen next, I just want the satisfaction of knowing that Im not wasting my time.

    4)You cant spend your life pushing away the people you love thinking that youll never get hurt. You dont let them hurt you, but thats only because you hurt yourself before they can get to you. And you may not know that now, cause you think you can get by blocking things out. But somewhere down the'll realize the mistakes are still there. And you wont be able to get over them, until for once in your life, you deal with them.

    5)Everybody lives their life normally and thinks nothing of it, until you meet this person that changes everything. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking of this person 24/7, you cant get them off your mind and honestly, you dont want them to be. They make you smile more then anyone else ever has and when you're with them they take all your worries away. You cant imagine life without them, until onday...they're gone. And once again, your life is back to how it used to be...except nothing's the same.

    6) Do you have to look into the eyes of someone that's heartbroken, do you have to helplessly sit there and watch someone cry their eyes out over something they cant control, and do you have to see someone fall apart over some guy that cant seem to figure out what he wants? No, you dont have to do any of this, cause you took the easy way out. You tore someones heart out and walked carelessly away leaving her friends to try to help fix what you broke.

    7) Just cause it's hard to stay doesnt mean it's any easier to leave. Dont think for one second forgetting you is even possible right now, or ever for that matter...cause it's not. You were never that easy, none of it was. Because it's not the easiest thing to have the best feeling in the world and then having to just walk away from it. You arent easy and life isnt either...i dont pretend that it is. Unlike you, I cant pretend things never happened.

    8) Youre losing her and you dont even know it yet, youre running out of the time you never thought you needed. As the days go by, youre losing the love you never openly accepted. Before you know what hit you, she'll be with someone else and it'll be all your faul. Are you willing to live with that for the rest of your life?

    9) Once again your fears have over powered you, every bone in your body loves her and every thought in your head is about her. And for the first time in your life, you dont have control of yourself. You no longer know how to block things out of your head and you cant get rid of the feeling your stomach gets when you see her. But, instead of realizing you need her, you still continue to let your fears win and take you over, not even knowing that one day she'll stop loving you altogether and you'll be overcome with the worst feeling in the world, worse then fear and worse then your insecurities; you'll be full of jealousy and regret.

    10)Maybe I am stupid for loving him, but maybe Im actually smarter then all those girls that cant forgive someone for hurting them. Those girls that dont have enough faith in love or the guy they love so they go through the pain of moving on. I cant do that cause truth be told every single one of those girls still gets jealous everytime they see that guy with some other girl. Breaking up with a person youre still in love with is hard enough, I dont need to deal with jealousy months after Im "over him" too. I know that I will always care about him and Im not gonna just throw away the strongest feelings Ive ever had for someone.

    11) One day you're gonna hate yourself for not taking the one thing you want more then anything in the world.

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