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jenna (jennasmithxoxo) wrote in wrotemyquotes,
@ 2006-07-30 16:34:00
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    Now that theres some more people in this community, itd be great if everyone started posting their that this could be more of a group.
    Heres some more of mine to get us started:

    *Everyone including you thinks you're not good enough for her...and maybe you arent. Maybe shes just wasting her time on something that is way below her. But if not being good enough gives her the smile on her face when shes with you, and if wasting her time on you makes her feel like the happiest girl in the world all because she got to see you, and if wanting someone below her gives her the look in her eyes when she looks at you or talks about you then I guess you dont thave to be good enough. Cause if those things dont make you good enough, if those things dont count for anything, then what does?

    *You cant look at me like that when you pass me in the hallway. You cant give me that look that makes us both feel awkward for that split second. You cant do that, you were better then that...we were better then that. We went through too much together to just be a broken up couple that doesnt even know how to walk by eachother. I will not go through that each time you walk by me, because for that hurts more then anything to know that's all we amount to now...after everything it kills me to know in the end that that's all we are.

    *None of the promises we made matter now...nothing does. Nothing we said matters. All that matters is where we are now. And thats apart. it doesnt matter that I counted on your broken promises, or that we cant be together for more then 5 minutes without fighting, or that you had anger problems, or that I had jealousy issues, or that we just couldnt seem to get it right. None of that means anything to me. But the fact that Im sitting here crying because all I want to do is see your face, feel your touch, and hear your voice does matter. The fact that I walked away from the perosn that I love more then anything, that I walked away while I was still in love matters more then anything...If theres one thing I learned, its that you never give up on love. If you love someone that much, it's worth the struggle to make it work.

    *She goes to sleep every night in the bed he laid with her in, she eats her meals at the table he sat at with her...she drives by the places they used to go every day of her life. She talks to the friends they both used to share. She wears the clothes she wore when he touched her. And him, he goes about his day with nothing to trigger memories. And the memories that do come back to him, the little things that do get to him are blocked out, because thats how he is...hes too weak to think back to the time they shared so he doesnt let himself and thats how he gets through his life. No regrets, no 2nd thoughts... but whether he realizes it or not, he left himself with some of the biggest mistakes he'll ever make.

    *Sometimes when someone you trusted crosses a certain line, makes a certain just cant forgive them. Not cause you dont want to, but because you know you'll never feel the same about them. Because theres too much said and done between you and them, too much pain and hurt, too many lies to go back to the way you once felt about them.

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