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Writous The Radiant Child (writous) wrote,
@ 2003-02-04 15:45:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    sleepless nights suck, especially cause i got work tomorrow. yea i called and they were able to meet the requirments for my modified work. im not too excited bout goin back, but im not upset either. so i layed in my ghetto bed for hours (i know i know, i hate the word ghetto, but it does seem as if i use it alot, i only use it when im talkin bout my bed, or my spoken word.) i was so bored i added more shit onto my amazon wish list, so buy me sumthin! then after my moms left for work i made myself a big ass breakfast. i love breakfast. i made waffles an omlet and some bacon. yes i can cook, i actually like to cook, and shit is usually pretty good. but i know bacon is bad, but i dont endulge in it too often, only once and a while. after that i layed down and listened to howard stern, seein how there aint shit on tv in the morning. i finally fell asleep and woke up around 2 this after noon. i know yall are sayin "damn writous, how can you do that shit" and honestly, it doesnt really faze me. im used to it now, and honestly i like the night better. after i woke up i decided to use my time wisely, which i often waste, and i cleaned my room, and it needed it. im still in the process of cleaning right now but i wanted to chill, i did my laundry, and i vacumed. my rug really needs it cause its black and shit just gets dirty really easy. i think imma start makin my company take there shoes off at my door, shit gets too dirty. now all i gotta do is do the dishes and fold me clothes and maybe polish, i dunno bout all that dusting shit just yet.

    last night me and the group was supposed to hit up the open mic, when we got there the door was locked. so i guess they didnt have it tonight, i dunno. so we decided to go to the mall, as usual. and i spent more money, as usual. i want to get another lava lamp. i know i dont need one but its deco for my room, which needs a change. they had those huge over sized ones. it was originally 100 bucks marked down to $25!!!! im kickin myself in the ass for not gettin it. i think imma get it if i go back, if its still there. i saw a hat i wanted to get in urban impressions. it was one of those gatsby golfer hats, yea its pimp as fuck. i tried it on and was gonna get it, at the last second i tried it on again and didnt like the way it fit, it was all loose and puffy in the front instead of tapering down to the visor like most of those hats do, so i decided to get a shirt instead. ive noticed my stile is changing. normally i would be rockin my normal hoody and timbs like a true backpacker would, but ive switched it up alot with sweat suits, beanies, adidas and air force 1's, and you might even find me in a&f. i know its hard to believe. ive not converted to total prep or anything. just crossing styles i guess. speakin of sweat suits shits are to expensive, cmon now 150 for a sweat suit, shits a lil too much. theres a hot yellow/black/grey one i want but i just bought 2 new ones last month and i aint buyin no more for a few, unless i get mad loot on my tax return. lol loot, i havnt said that shit in an ill minuit. speakin of sayin shit, i say shit alot. a few post ago i put up that shit bout "how ot be a backpacker" and in it they said some shit bout always referin to things as shit, and i thought thats bull shit, cause i hardly refer to anything as shit, but in this post ive done it like 10 times already. lol...

    ok back to last night, was a fuckin doner all night. tactition was sick, which isnt his fault. and voodoo was all pissed off for no reason. i haaaaaaaaaaaate it when voodoo does that. he used to do it alot, and thats why i stopped chillin with him alot. cause he did it too much. and he did it last night for the first time in a long ass time. i dunno what his problem is. its liek yea, sometimes i get pissed for no reason, and im in a bad mood, but i dont take it out on my boys. when im like that i dont wanna be around no one. i dunno maybe hes bi-polar

    like i said im kinda goin thru alot of changes lately, for the best. my style, the music ive been listening too, and all around just change, change in thought and what not. i think i owe it to my baby neda, i love you baby. i know i say it alot, but i cant stop sayin it. i think everyone who knows me should thank you. cause you have changed me so much. i cant thank you enough.

    and speakin of change, im changin my enviorment up too, ie my room, i love art, im not into it alot, i just know what i like. if anyone can give me some names of some good artists, it would be meat rock, ive been lookin for basquiat prints round here and i cant find them anywhere. so just run by some good artists or photographers.

    i apologize for the long post, aight im out

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