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julie (worldofjulie) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 18:52:00
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    "so i decided that no matter what it was gonna be a snowday/delay."
    this morning i just had this thought in my head that it was gonna be a snow day or atleast a 2 hour delay. like i new it was possible school might be normal time, but i didnt want that to happen. so i decided that no matter what it was gonna be a snowday/delay. my mom wakes me up in the morning and i go back to sleep. then its about 9:45 and i hear the phone ring, cuz thats what you do when it rings and im not lazy like the rest of my family so i got out of bed to get the phone, and my mom calls. my mom wouldnt've cared i was home, but my dad picked the phone up too. so then i hang up cuz there talking and i start to watch channel 42 to see what happened with school. and no sign comes on, so i check the website and there was no notice. then i realize we had school. whoops. so then my dad got mad i stayed home and drove me to school . but i didnt get there till when the bell rang for 4th period. so it was the first day of art and i love art, and my class didnt really count as work because its art, not math. then 5th period was lunch- choir rehearsal but still it didnt count as work either. then 6th period we had a party for our student-teachers last day who like almost got killed today. anad of course that class didnt count as work either. the only "working" class was 7th period- english but its not like we did anything hard we just talked about a book we just read. and by the way i DID read it! ok so i only read the last chapter and 10 pages from the begining. but i read something. so school was so easy today.

    but i was supposed to go to jennas after school w/ liora and whoever but i couldnt cuz of the snow! my parents thought i shud just come home, and now im stuck home!! but tomorrow me and dan are going to find a new SL!!! which we really need to.
    anyways when i got off the bus, like my busstop- adam, brendon, brandon, mas, tavaris, and whoever else was there- we had a snowball fight it was soo much fun. i was there for like 20 minutes but my hands got realy really cold cuz i had those thin knit gloves. but everyone else kept playing. thats about my excitement for the nite.
    call! im so bored. when i got home i went to sleep until 5:30!

    happy chrismukkah!

    disabled boy: Everyone thinks im going to die
    Mary Lennox: well if everyone thought that about me, i wouldnt do it! (said in an english accent)

    (i forget the disabled boys name. mary's cousin.)

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