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julie (worldofjulie) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 14:41:00
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    Current music:Billy Joel/Piano Man

    i guess i LOVE rain in the summer, not when its COLD!
    i guess it was last weekend: finally, finally, I was allowed to go to szechuan, without a parent! and thats a big step for me cuz im not allowed to do like anything. so i was very happy, then i didnt even get to go cuz i didnt have a ride! later i sleptover jess's house, and morgan was there for a little.and we walked to wawa and we saw like matt and z and schafer and people walking. so later me and jess were talking, and we were talking about people like this: they want drama. they have such perfect lives, or close to. they have a happy, well-off, loving family. they have friends and all kinds of things to be happy about. so they can get upset over little things, since they have nothing better to get upset over. like if they forgot their lunch money one day and they dont have money, they might just cry. and people think its cool to have problems, so they search for them. when theres people that hate problems, because they have REAL problems and they run from them. theres this certain person we know, she was so happy one day, cuz she had a problem, she searched and searched until she found a gliche in her family, and it wasnt even something bad, it was a fact. that girl was so eager to share w/ me and jess what happened, because she got to pretend to be sad over nothing. and thats extremely annoying. when there are truly bad things that are worth crying over people dont want to cry. they have to. i hate people who search for problems and pick fights and love drama. they have the wrong idea in their head, they dont UNDERSTAND.
    -then in the morning i went to hebrew school with jess, for like 4 hours.

    On Tuesday my sisters came home from college. and after like an hour, it was like they had never left. I cleaned like a lot before frankie came home, and then i had to make food and stuff and then Eva came home. So i was hanging out with them all night, and i didnt really do any of my homework.

    wednesday was so nice, because i got to come home and sleep for a while. I forget what else i did besides that. probably nothing.

    Thursday, I went to my grandmas house, with the Millman side of the family. there was my family (7 people) and then my aunt, and uncle and cousin, then my other aunt and a family friend, who has no family, and my grandma and her b/f.
    On the ride to my grandmas house, everything was familiar, it was all right where it was last time. I remember passing through all of the same places like everytime we drive to her house in New Jersey. Then we pulled up to her house, it was like we were in a movie. it was a perfect rectangle of houses, all the lawns mowed down short. it was a small street with about 6 houses. and a sidewalk in the middle of the street, with grass. so there were two roads. and when i walk up to the house and the door opens, i feel so odd. and out of place. theres this woman hugging me and saying hello. she was very friendly. and i was thinking, where am i, who is this old lady hugging me. but it was my grandma, the same 1 i loved and saw a lot. and there was my aunt, tacky as usual but just different. it was all different, i felt like i didnt know anyone, but i did. and in one of the rooms- the same puzzle that my aunt was working on last time i was there was still out. the furniture was in the same spots, nothing had really changed. i just felt so out-of place. maybe its because theres always something i dont know. somethingS big have happened that i only have heard about for like a second through the door if my mom was on the phone, but of course no one tells me. after a while i got used to everything and it was ok. my tacky aunt, got me the most hideous thing, sketchers that are sneaker-clog things and they are glittery and have rhinestones. so ive been im going to paint them and see if they look a little better. cuz they are the oogliest things. and my grandma told stories about when my mom was little and when she was 16, she used to play her guitar everywhere , nursing homes and even weddings. and she would sing too but didnt have a good voice but was still hired. and i guess i felt more at home eating my grandmas usual home food.

    god this is long. but i havent updated in forever.

    so then thursday nite when we came home, heather was at our house waiting for us w/ her bf- whose very nice. and then heather slept over, and i havent seen her for like soo long. so that was fun.

    then on friday- my aunt took me and my sisters out to barnes-n-noble. and then ulta. and of course when you go to ulta, you gotta try on make-up! its so much fun. so there was this really cool blue eyeliner and it like really thick(special pencil) and i put it on. and there was this weird green eyeshadow so i put that on too. i mean i would never wear most of those things. but its fun to play with them. so then i get home for a little then i go to Julie's house to see CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so in the car im like trying to get the makeup off my face.. i got most of it but not all.. hehe..

    so then at Julie's house there was like Sarah, Danas, Laura, Lauren, Nicks, Schafer. I am very happy i got to see caroline... and then we went to baskinrobbins/dunkin donuts- in the pouring rain. and later we went to the romans. It was a lot of fun, i mean ever since caroline left- nothing is as much fun. she makes everything better. isnt that rite guys. yes and caroline knows it.

    and now im home typing this extremely long long blurty entry, and i think im going to go clean soon.

    lover me................:)

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