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Fucked if you make the wrong move. (words_revealed) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 00:35:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:none

    In lust...i think.
    well, Just updating to talk about my trip. i wanna talk to myself for a while. i actually missed blurty. tear.

    hmm..the trip was good. well, idk. i have mixed feelings on it. I hated the visiting part of it every single say/night until 8 or 9 at night. which is..9 or 10 our time. But..i liked it when we did things. yeah. We went to mexico one day.

    I FEEL/FELT SOOOOOOOOOO sad for the kids down there. man..i cried in the car on the way home. we took pictures of them/whatever..ill have those posted on a site as soon as we develop the 12 rolls. ah..too much money. i caculated 160 for doubles. Anyway. lol..It was sad. theres little kids running around barefoot, raggy clothing.cut off sweatpants/cut shirts. ah..its just tearjerking to me. They go around selling jewlery. and we payed this one little kid 2 dollas, play an accordian, and sing for us. He was so cute..we took pictures of him. hes adorable..but its depressing. alot of souvineers..theyre nice. Umm..

    Another day was the beach, which was junk cause i had my period and i hadda fuck with that the whole time. I got it the afternoon that we left. just my luck. Well, glad i dont have it now, i can go swimming/whatever before schools back in! The beach was fun though. South Padre Island. Pretty pretty. i got in though, and felt the sand ooze in between my toes, as the waves pressured up against my knees. ah its breathtaking.

    Hmm....well, visiting/shopping/whatever until this past monday. Monday we left for Galveston Texas, which is 8 hours from mcallen (where we stayed in the BEST BEST BEST hotel in the world lol) I dont wanna discuss the hotels, because theres a lot i could tell, and im tired. But..we stayed in galveston on the beach in the Hilton hotels. The weleft tuesday morning, to get into Biloxi Mississippi, by tuesday night sometime. The hotel was called Casino Magic. Their were like..4 or 5 casinos around where we stayed, and there was a bus that went to all of them, so people could gamble at all of them. Well, my parents gambled one night, and i called lauren for an hour, and chris for 15 minutes. (that bill will suck) but anyway..the hotel was awesome. It was also on the beach lol..and we were on the 19th floor of the hotel. man..the view was sooooooo cool. i took pictures. hope theyre pretty:). Umm..I saw the sunset on the first night..over the ocean and glowing casino/city was one to remember man. We stayed there until thursday morning, when we left at around 10. got in atlanta/home at..7 or so? yeah.

    But im glad to be home. i missed my bed so much, and lauren/the family over there..and my sister a lot. I missed heather too..i missed talking to her..she called before i left..missed it though. er...never heard her voice either..that would help a lot with..things. I kinda..had some other feelings for someone in Texas while on my trip..idk. I hope theyre almost over. I'd feel awkward. Well, you dont care.

    i missed my shower too..dont say anything--because everyones been looking at me weird when ive said this lol. but i did..i dont feel clean enough unless im in MY shower. So i took an hour shower last night. from 12 something until was sooooooooooo nice and soothing.

    Im gonna go. ill put the pictures site on here soon this week. hopefully by monday ill be done with it.

    Much love.

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