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Kelc Paige (wordhell) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 21:50:00
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    Current mood: content

    So today was pretty much hillar. my face litterally hurt from smiling so much, which has never ever happend to me before. THough I heard that it was quite common. (Not really that common) Anyway, 3rd hour was hillar. as per usual, right now I sit next to Jeff, who just makes me laugh no matter what, its like a fucking natural reaction, you listen to Jeff, ya crack up, it just happens. Anyway, then after school. THE FIGHT: heres the deal, there is this HUGE dyke named Paige Cushman, not to be confused with Paige Cashan... wierd. And she was talking some major shit about my good friend Brooke... and not just normal high school shit, but horrible shouldnt say this to your worst enemy type shit... so bad that I dont even want to type it here because I dont even like to repeat it, its that horrible. And Brooke being the badass that she is was just like "Im going to kill her" which she was in the process of doing, Merker in the process of helping when Jen the bodygaurd shows up, and stops the show. Now I have a lot of respect for miss Jennifer Garrison, Ive known her since 5th grade, and shes always been nothing but nice to me, but man Paige deserved to be punched.
    FUNNY SENERIO #1: Sara was looking for Paige after school to beat her ass, and she saw Little Bogen from the back, totally thought that it was Paige because they have the same hair, and had the same colored shirt on today. Un/Fortunately Merker thought with her head and not her boobs (because thats what she thinks with when she fights... her boobs) and totally didnt turn Bogen around and punch her. Good thing, because 1, this time Sam wouldnt have deserved it, 2, Im pretty sure Sam would have beaten the hell out of Sara this time.
    Anyway, so no one got to beat up Paige... but its coming, oh is it coming...
    After school Merker, B.rock and I went to Merkers, and it was HILLARIOUS, and I missed them so much more than my mind lead me to believe. I wanted to go visit Miller with them, but my dad is convinced that I have the plague and am not to be let into a hospital, because my severe illness with wipe out all the patients. WHATEV.
    Tomorrow I get to see Tim, Im excited, I should call him but Im afraid of lack of things to say, plus Im afraid of what the doctor had to say... so why not just put it off till tomorrow :-(... uhg. So Im super nervous about that, probably for no reason... but still. I dont know. The point is I get to see him tomorrow and that is all that matters at this paticular point.
    Well new news in the Paige/Brooke/Merker fight that I need to tend to.


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