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Kelc Paige (wordhell) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 20:58:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:Cry baby Cry

    Tis all good.
    So today has been good. I decided that tomorrow Kalen, Merker, Possibly Brooke, HIllard and I are going on on the town. And by that I mean Kalen and I decided that PEEPS are really good today in Franch class, and decided to go find some after school. THen Merker and I are going to Target to get Jami a wedding present, and Hopefully Brooke will come (cum) because I miss her an uber lot. Then we will maybe go to the mall, if I get the balls to drive. CHECK TOMORROW! Yay. Anyway, today I got home and decided that I needed to pass some time so I laid down to take a little nap, as soon as I shut my eyes, my cell rings, and its Tim... we talked for a while and decided that we were going to a movie Saturday, when we're both not busy, or rather I decided that we were going. :-D yay. anyway. Back to the more important stuff.

    Things that really piss me off:
    1. Ashtynn, what the hell? How can she just ditch us after such a long time. Well i guess not me because shes only liked me for like 2 years, but everyone else, what the fucking shit? Its like now that shes got TJ she dosent need anybody else? No correction, sorry, now that shes got TJ she dosent need anybody that TJ woulnt get along with. AKA us, but Carey Jetski and Molly Hamre are alright. Fuck that. Seriously, today she said Hi to me for the 1st time almost since school started, seriously Ive talked to her MAYBE 5 since the 1st day of school.

    2. That smelly girl the fake me that has a locker next to us, she always makes me move when Im standing by her locker- THE NERVE!

    3. Joey because he never calls me

    4. No job= no money=no fun= suck

    Actually the only one that really pisses me off at the moment is #1, but I had to put the other ones as kind of a cover, you know? (cover blown)

    Well that is my rant for the night, night guys.

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