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Woodbury House Furniture Australia (woodburyhouse65) wrote,
@ 2011-05-19 18:25:00
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    Tips On How To Take Care Of Office Furniture
    It is typical for an office space to have pieces of furniture around to serve whatever purpose it may hold. However, it is inevitable that these will be exposed to different pollutants which may further lead to its destruction. Office furniture is usually expensive to buy. As a company asset, it is a must that these things will be properly taken cared of in order to minimise operations cost. The following are some tips on how to take care of these things.

    It is important to consider the furniture's material. The most common and most sensitive type of furniture is made of wood. It is susceptible to dust, light, water and other particles. The most basic method of taking care of wood-type office furniture is through regular wiping off of dust particles. If there are stains, it would be best to damp the soft cloth with soapy water for it is safer to use. But to prevent the furniture from dusts and scratches, it would be wise to use table tops or leather pads.

    There are also pieces of office furniture with surfaces other than wood. There are those that are made of leather, fabric and wool materials. Same with wood furniture, these types of furniture also require regular cleaning and wiping off of dusts. However, as they are made of different materials, they also require some specific cleaning methods. For instance, leather furniture requires conditioning once or twice a month to maintain its shine. On the other hand, the presence of stains on fabric and wool materials, for example, would need mild brushing to wash the stain off. But to make the cleaning more effective especially on these types of office furniture materials, it is best to use vacuum cleaner to eradicate dusts.

    Moreover, it is a must that all furniture should be constantly wiped with dry and soft cloth. Also, they must not be directly exposed to the sun's ultra violet rays for it can fade the original colour of the furniture. Aside from that, it is necessary to clean the room where the furniture resides and to apply insect sprays. It helps minimise dust and further protects the furniture from insect invasion.

    Office furniture regardless of its form, purpose or material must be cared for. They serve an important function especially to the inhabitants of the company. Most were purchased with a high price, so as a priced possession, it is necessary to clean it every so often to help prevent destruction and maintain its usability.

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