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JT (wontpurr4pervs) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 22:10:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Christmas Shoes

    You need to stop being oblivious to the world; open your eyes and see what's going on around you.

    I feel like I'm being torn apart; my head wants to go one way, but my heart wants to go another. They won't work together for a solution, both think that they are making the right choice. And my body is stuck in the middle. It's like a girl fight; one freind versus the other, and the one pitiful friend is stuck in the middle; she doesn't know what side to take. I mean both sides seem logical. I really want to follow my heart, it usually leads me to wonderful things, but my head thinks I'll get hurt. My mind does too much thinking; I wish I was impulsive.

    Anyway, tonight was my little brother's confirmation. He's really a Roman Catholic now. Yay. My cousin, Michael, and I had a blast remembering all the old days. Really effed up stories. He brought up the time I cut my knee open upstate. See, that summer we went horse back riding and cliff diving and did all sorts of crazy stuff (it was a good summer, but more about that later). And, I was perfectly fine doing all that. I cut my knee open playing PING PONG. Yes, PING PONG (Mike's sport!). Then, the next time we were up there, I got hurt playing a weird version of Handball (I used to know the real name, but now I don't, oh well). Anyway, I said something to my cousin, and he got angry. The next thing I know, he "accidentally" hit me in the eye with ball. Some accident. Those summers upstate were classic. From Big Papa Guns to Dallas, the drugged up horse, it was a whole lotta memories. Then, the New Years memories. Disco and breaking frames, meetings at 2:00 am, Evil penguins and snowmen. So much talk about, so little time. I'll get the whole list and update on it. Oh, one more memory; I hated his other cousin Brian. The kid was a friggen jerk who always touched me. I really couldn't stand him. He's in jail now, though. *smiles*

    Ah, well, my day was interesting. But, we didn't really do anything. That's about it.

    I am so out.

    -JT xo

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