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JT (wontpurr4pervs) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 10:19:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Aerosmith: Cryin'

    Let's all WOW for Wednesday.
    I hate Wednesdays, especially when they follow a day off. And, now, I despise them even more because Mike had a bad day on this Wednesday. I wish he were with me right now so I could tell him it's not that bad. But, I guess everyone has a bad day every once in a while. Mike, feel better, and tomorrow will be greater.
    Anyway, my day sucked. My negatives came out dark, my Shakespeare paper only got an 80, my DBQ only received a 92, and that's just what I'm letting bother me. Luckily, we did some physics problems today, they lower stress levels. I <3 physics. I don't really understand why, but I do. It's my favourite class.
    Oh, Chris stopped by for another 2 hour session. He's getting better. I'm happy. Also, the sweat gear came in. Yellow sweatshirts rock. I got JT printed on mine. And, Bobby let me borrow two CDs. Aerosmith, yay!! I'm really tired today. I haven't been this tired in ages.
    I'm starting to question my friendships with people. I feel like they're all leaving and soon, I won't have anyone. Guys! Guys, that's really sad! Oh my God! Ah, I was always more of a loner anyway. A bit of a mysterious girl. But, I'm sure you all knew that.
    Well, I'm out. Later days.

    -JT xo

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