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~jamesmarie~ (wonksbitch) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 20:41:00
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    Whats Up?
    well a lot has changed. me and mudd have been together for over a year now. we both got an industrial bar put in our left ear. we got it done at tattoo charlies on the first of february. it didnt hurt that bad gettin it pierced but damn mary francis peter and joseph! the piercers didnt screw the ball on in the back he snapped it on and that hurt like a bitch. ill take a pic later and post it. its doing very well and not infected at all, but i keep hittin that bastard all the time. now that hurts like mofo.

    i also got a new job. i hadnt worked anywhere since AEGON. i was at the superpets out in jtown and this black aztec almost ran me down in the parking lot. it was tim and angela. there some great people. he said that he had just came from sign crafters and they needed some help so he sent me up there. i applied and got the job. then tim sent one of the amatures up there and he got a job too. its a great job. nice people and it keeps u busy so the day goes by faster.

    i skipped skool this semester and gonna go back in the fall. i need to make money and save it for skool and im also gonna go to the gathering of the juggalos this summer in july, the 15-18. actually ill be gone from 13 to the 19. its a pretty good little vacation for me mudd missy and david. by the way its close to cleveland. a nice little 5 hour + drive

    im gonna start tanning again this year hopefully and try to stick to it. we'll see, i need to get some color in me before i go on my vacation. its out in the middle of this park of some sort its in the same place as it was last year. i think the website is

    i got a new computer too. i got a dell. and im getting cable modem installed tomorrow. yeah for jamie. "its all about me"

    well i gots to be going for now but il chat lata. holla

    P.S. whittney if u read this which i dont htink u will, i would really like my blender back please.


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