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Diary of a Dope Fiend (wonka_vision) wrote,
@ 2003-03-07 08:00:00
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    I have a new life now.. She lives through you, what can I do?
    Today was alot of fun. Earlier I had talked to mike, and they didn't have school. So we planned to get devon and get together and smoke the reefer.. (mike can't smoke but he gets a "contact")
    Anyway, I then talked to john and john was going to get devons car. Devon had killed the clutch in his car the other day and it was sitting in front of someone's house on nickleplate road. So we figured. hell why not get really fucking high then try to do it.
    So john came and got me, we went and got mike, then we got devon. We went and got some rope from the hardware store. We road tripped smoked about 2 bowlage. then went to devon's car.
    *shakes head* I didn't know that towing someone's car like we did was illegal but yeah I guess it was. this of course I found out after we had tied the rope to both bumpers and were going down the intersection. god damn, that made me really paranoid considering they are all under 18 and i'm above. they need to hurry and fucking turn 18 right the fuck now.
    Anyway, there were a couple times that fucking we though johns bumper was ripped off. I rode with john and mike road with devon. devon of course left his bowl in the car with me and john so you can bet we hit that. bwhaha.
    Anyway yeah, we were lucky we didn't get pulled over. We made it to johns house which was about 7 or so miles away. we had to get on the highway and shit too. Devon and mike said people were laughing and giving us stupid looks. YA GOTS TA DO WHAT YA GOTS TA DO MKAY? people suck.
    Anyway, it was so much fun hanging out with them all. We hadn't chilled for awhile. Well at least I know me and john hadnt. I missed him! HOpefully ill get to see him more.
    Anyway, work was work.
    ben as always, is such a hottie.. *drool*
    God his eyes. There's just something in his eyes.

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