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Stacey (boobug) wrote in womanpower,
@ 2003-06-14 10:36:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:To mad to listen to music!

    Ok of course everything is going SOOO good that something was going to happen! I am just so mad and upset with Jacob right now. It has nothing to do with his bipolar or his seizures he is just being a MALE! Here is the deal.....I work, clean, and take care of him all I asked if he take care of me and how do you think that he does reading his ex-wifes journal every time he is online (has never read mine!!!!), hasn't made love to me in almost a month ( I am to the point were I don't need OR want it from him, I can do it on my own thank you very much) (LOL). He does the dishes SOOOO shitty that I have to do them over so our guest don't get crustys on their plate. Lets see OHHHHHHH we are BROKE!!!! we have medical bills coming out the ASS and he need smokes or a gosh damn drink.....AHHHHHHHH The medical bills are SO much that every day I am on the phone to someone at a hospital that maybe can help us get rid of some of them by "medical hardship" what is he doing sleeping or watching T. V. not ever asking for help or even saying "THANK YOU HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sometime I know why is 1st wife cheated on love or R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!!! Then to make it worse when I go to talk to him to work it out he wants to go to bed or he just sits there.....sometime if I was strong enough I would leave him for a week to show him just what I do for his sorry LAZY ass! We are now going TWO days without kissing or saying "I love you".
    What do those words really mean you know "I love you" that is such a bag of crap in the woods! If you love someone you would take care of them the same as they take care you! Don't get me wrong I know he is having trouble dealing with new meds....but they are working GREAT!
    Ok I will stop bitching now and just sit here not talking to him until I feel better!
    Mad and sad

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