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Ron Weasley (redheadded) wrote in wizardingworld,
@ 2003-08-19 10:47:00
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    ((NC-17 for sex, as if the title doesn't make that obvious ^^; ))

    Ron: Ron made his way up the stairs towards his bedroom, not really paying attention to his surroundings. He had marvelled over it so many times, how he ignored everything around him and just kept walking, yet Draco, while blind, had to scour over everything and still ended up nearly killing himself anytime he left the room.
    He rapped lightly on the door before opening it, and entering. He always liked to give Draco some kind of notice that he was there.
    Draco:Draco sat up in the bed, turning himself towards the sound. "Come in."
    Ron:He entered the room, closing the door behind him. "It's just me." He smiled at the blonde sitting on his bed and walked over, careful not to move anything in the room.
    Draco: He nodded and reached his hand out towards Ron, smiling a bit. "Hey you."
    Ron:Ron's hand came out to take Draco's and give it a gentle squeeze. "Hey. How ya feeling?"
    Draco: He squeezed back. "I'm ok. Wish it wasn't so dark." He laughed a bit, other hand moving to rub the hand he was holding.
    Ron: "I bet. Soon, hopefully." His free hand came up to brush some of Draco's hair back tenderly.
    Draco:He nodded softly. "Hopefully." He pulled that hand close softly, leaning in and kissing over the top lightly.
    Ron:"Anything you'd like to do in the meantime? Now that you're feeling better." He leaned forward and kissed Draco's forehead softly.
    Draco: He tilted his head up towards Ron gently. "Kiss me?"
    Ron: He smiled softly, and tilted his head down further, touching his lips softly to Draco's, hand drifting back and through his hair.
    Draco: He kissed Ron softly, hands moving to hold on to the taller redhead's shoulders.
    Ron:Ron pulled back for a moment, coming down to sit next to Draco and put an arm around his waist and kissing him softly once more.
    Draco: He leaned into Ron, smiling into the kiss and returning it lovingly.
    Ron: He only pressed his lips softly to Draco's, doing nothing more than that. His fingers stroked softly through the blonde's hair.
    Draco: He nuzzled to the redhead, kissing softly, slowly, arms wrapping around the other male tenderly.
    Ron: He smiled into the kiss, letting off a soft, happy sigh as he continued the soft kiss, leaning into Draco's arms.
    Draco: His tongue shyly played over Ron's lips, then darted back into his own mouth now and then through the kiss, never moving into Ron's mouth.
    Ron:His lips parted to Draco's tongue, but he hesitated at making use of his own. He worried so much about doing such things after this whole episode.
    Draco: His tongue curled over Ron's lips, not moving into the other's mouth, trying to coax the boy's tongue into his own.
    Ron:His tongue came out and ran slowly across Draco's lips, almost questioning in his movements, before his tongue returned to his own mouth once more.
    Draco:He shivered and closed his eyes, tongue rising to play lightly over Ron's tongue for the short time it was on his lips, those pale pink twins parting.
    Ron: He felt Draco shiver in his arms, and took that to be a decent sign. His tongue came out once more and darted across Draco's lips and slowly into his mouth.
    Draco: He mmm'd lightly, gently sucking on that tongue and raising his own to carress over Ron's with it slowly.
    Ron: His tongue ran softly across Draco's, pulling the smaller boy closer in his arms.
    Draco: He mmm'd, unseeing eyes closing slowly as he pressed more to Ron, sucking that tongue and kissing lovingly.
    Ron: He continued to gaze at Draco lovingly while they kissed, tongue exploring slowly through the mouth he hadn't done such a thing to in a while.
    Draco: He moaned softly and sucked on Ron's tongue still, his own swirling around it, a hand moving to gently rest in Ron's lap.
    Ron:He mm'ed into Draco's mouth, rubbing across Draco's tongue with his own as his hand ran softly up and down the blonde's back.
    Draco: His hand shyly moved up further on that leg, closer to Ron's crotch. But it was light, a bit nervous. It had been a while since he was with Ron. He continued to kiss lightly.
    Ron:He didn't push Draco, didn't urge his movements further. He let him go at his own pace, he merely continued to stroke the blonde's back while they kissed.
    Draco: He mmm'd and ever so gently brushed his hand over the front of the boy's pants as he kissed softly.
    Ron: He moaned softly into Draco's mouth, shivering at the touch.
    Draco: He put a firmer touch to that bulge lightly, kissing deeper, licking and sucking on that tongue tenderly.
    Ron:Another shiver, Mming into Draco's mouth and kissing him a bit more passionately, leaning into the touch.
    Draco: His hand rubbed over that bulge, giving it a soft squeeze, letting Ron control the kiss now. His hand moved and lightly stroked that shaft through the redhead's pants lightly.
    Ron: His tongue explored through Draco's mouth once more, rubbing across the blonde's tongue as he kissed him passionately, holding back far less.
    Draco:He let it happen, moaning happily. His hand slowly fumbled to open Ron's pants. Not easy to do while blind.
    Ron: Ron shifted position slightly so Draco could feel his way a bit more easily. His lips came away slowly, panting softly as he leaned his forehead to the blondes.
    Draco:He smiled softly. "You're in control.." He murmured. "Pull yourself out...push or guide my head down if you want me..." He grinned softly, fingers moving to feel for Ron's jaw lightly.
    Ron:He tilted his head to Draco's fingers. "Do.. you want me to though? You know I want you, Draco. Thats obvious.. but, are you ready for this?"
    Draco:He nodded softly. "Yes. With you."
    Ron: He smiled softly, hand moving to softly stroke across Draco's cheek. "And you're sure thats what you want to do?"
    Draco: He nodded softly. "I can do much unless you guide or 'force' me yourself.." He murmured softly, grinning cutely, almost playfully.
    Ron: Again, he smiled and kissed Draco softly, quickly it grew to the same passion filled state it had been in previously as his own hand came down to free himself from his trousers.
    Draco: He kissed back and let it happen, relaxing himself to Ron in a way to let the other male know he now had control.
    Ron: Ron wasn't entirely at ease in knowing that. He continued to kiss Draco passionately, but there was something in his movements that told of uncertainty.
    Draco:He broke the kiss gently, nuzzling Ron. "You'll be fine, it's ok Ron."
    Ron:"I'm not worried about me." He murmured softly, nuzzling Draco back. "I just.. don't know if I'd feel right controlling this, controlling you.."
    Draco: "Don't worry about me, either. I'll be fine, I promise." He smiled.
    Ron: "I-I'd still rather.. have you tell me what you want to do. I don't mind guiding, helping.. but.. not controlling." He kissed Draco's forehead softly.
    Draco: "Are you sure?"
    Draco:"You like being controlled don't you?" He grinned teasingly.
    Ron: He blushed fiercely. "I didn't say that!"
    Draco:He giggled softly. "Didn't need to." He grinned playfully.
    Ron: His face grew even hotter, and he was rather glad that Draco couldn't see it. "I'm just.. not comfortable.. not used to it.."
    Draco: He nodded and smiled. "Guide my head to your cock, have me suck you."
    Ron:The blush remained the same as it had been, but he gave a small nod. "You remember that I've never..?" He asked softly while he gently guided the blonde downward.
    Draco: "I know..." He smiled and parted his lips, licking the tip as he felt it on his lips.
    Ron: A shiver ran through the redhead, fingers laced gently in Draco's hair.
    Draco:He sucked in the shaft slowly and licked over the slit, a hand moving to rub at the base lightly as he took more into his mouth.
    Ron:He gasped, moaning softly and arching up, eyes closing as he bit his lower lip.
    Draco: He sucked softly, licking at the underside, hand stroking along the shaft slowly.
    Ron: He moaned out, "Gods.. Draco.." The one hand tangling in the smaller boy's hair, the other moving to grip at the sheets of his bed.
    Draco: He smiled around the large shaft, moving his hand and moving down further, relaxing his throat to allow the shaft into the tight confines, swallowing around it lightly, continuing until he had the entire shaft.
    Ron: Another throaty moan came from Ron's lips, tilting his head back against the bed as he arched.
    Draco: He rubbed his hand over Ron's pubic area, sucking on that hard shaft and swallowing against it, licking all over, not bobbing over it yet.
    Ron: He bit down into his lip harshly, a soft whimper coming out between his teeth. His knuckles were white upon the sheets by now.
    Draco: He drew up VERY slowly, sucking firmly on the shaft as he moved up, stopping with just the tip in his mouth.
    Ron: "Mm.. Draco.." He moaned out, rather suprised that he could form proper words.
    Draco: He sank back down just as slowly, tongue swirling rapidly around the shaft as he went down, a hand sliding under Ron's shirt.
    Ron: His hand slid down through Draco's hair and down his neck, rubbing down between his shoulderblades softly, arching further to that mouth.
    Draco: He arched his body up gently, sucking hard on the shaft when it was in fully, swallowing on it repeatedly and licking around the base.
    Ron: With a cry of Draco's name, he was unable to hold back any longer, and came hard into the other boy's mouth.
    Draco: He mmph'd, pulling back as Ron came so only the head was in his mouth, mmming and swallowing the thick seed that spilled into his mouth.
    Ron: He moaned softly again, body falling back fully to the bed as he gasped in air. "Draco.." he whispered softly, for no other reason than because he wanted to.
    Draco: He pulled off and licked his lips, kissing the tip of the shaft and smiling. "Mmm."
    Ron:"That.. was incredible.." He murmured softly, opening his eyes to gaze down at Draco, urging him back up with the hand between his shoulderblades.
    Draco: He moved up. gently laying on Ron and smiling. "Yeah, it was."
    Ron: "Thank you.." He kissed Draco's cheek softly, arms wrapping around the smaller boy happily.
    Draco:"Mm, definately welcome." He pressed more to Ron, hard shaft pressed to Ron's leg through his pants.
    Ron:He smiled when he felt it. "Mm. Now what would you like to do?"
    Draco:He smiles softly. "Suck me?"
    Ron: "Gladly." He kissed Draco softly, tongue running across his lips for a moment as his hand shifted between their bodies to undo and press down Draco's pants.
    Draco: He arched, moaning lightly and kissing back, smiling happily.
    Ron: He never broke the kiss as he rolled Draco off him, and moved gently atop him instead. He pressed the pants down and off, fingertips running across the blonde's chest through his shirt.
    Draco:He arched his body and lifted his hips to make it easier, soon nude from the waist down.
    Ron: His thumbs teased across Draco's nipples through the shirt, having practically forgotten about the ring he found in one of them, kissing the boy passionately.
    Draco:He moaned into the kiss, shivering, chest pushing up to the hands, nipples hardening.
    Ron: His fingers gave the ring a soft tug before his hands moved down Draco's body with the rest of him, tongue darting out and across the tip quickly.
    Draco: He gasped, grippign the sheets tightly, body writhing in pleasure. Hips pushed up, shaft throbbing lightly as he felt that tongue over his tip.
    Ron:He smiled and slowly ran his tongue across the length of Draco's shaft, his breath hot across the sensitive flesh.
    Draco:He curled his toes, moaning lowly and moving his hand to find Ron's head, stroking through that red hair with his fingers.
    Ron:Slowly, he dragged his tongue back to the tip, and pulled Draco's shaft into his mouth, letting the length slip down as he relaxed his throat to allow it entrance.
    Draco: "Gods, I forgot how good you were!" He moaned out loudly, thrusting up to your mouth.
    Ron: Ron blushed fiercely to the point of nearly choking, pulling back slightly. He let himself recuperate a moment, before sucking softly. His hand slowly ran up the other boy's inner thigh, fingers moving gently.
    Draco: He moaned softly, arching up. "Soak it with your spit Ron, I want you to ride me..."
    Ron: He smiled slightly and licked all across the other boy's shaft before pulling back, gazing up adoringly at Draco's face.
    Draco: He arched softly, letting out a soft moan of complaint when his cock was left alone.
    Ron: He chuckled softly to himself. "Impatient, are you?" He ran his tongue across the length once more.
    Draco: He arched, gasping. "Been too long!"
    Ron: "It has.." He replied softly, kissing the tip softly and shifting himself up Draco's body, straddling him.
    Draco: He moved his hands, slowly finding Ron's hips.
    Ron: His hands ran across Draco's, then slowly up his arms. He expected this wouldn't be the most enjoyable at first, he had only ever had Draco in him the once, and that had been quite a while ago. He closed his eyes and drew in a breath, repositioning himself atop the smaller boy.
    Draco: He gave Ron's hips gentle carresses. "Easy on the way down. It won't be so hard on you."
    Ron: He nodded, then recalled that Draco couldn't see that. "Okay." He smiled softly, and slowly pressed that cock into himself.
    Draco: He moaned, feeling it. He arched lightly, but not too far, keeping himself mostly still for Ron to take it at his own pace.
    Ron: He moved almost impossibly slow, and paused about halfway, waiting for a moment. He was blushing slightly, again, and was again glad that Draco didn't know it.
    Draco:He panted heavily, forcing himself not to thrust in. His cock throbbed hard. "Mmmm....still as tight as the first time..."
    Ron: "Its been a while." He murmured back, huskily. He waited there a moment, then decided to just go for it and pressed down hastily, pressing the blonde's shaft the rest of the way in one swift movement, causing a rather harsh wince to distort his features.
    Draco: He gasped LOUDLY, back arching hard and cock giving a powerful throb. Taken completely by surprise. Not being able to see meant he could gauge what was coming. He nearly came right then. "OH! GODS!" He moaned with pleasure.
    Ron:He smiled slightly, holding himself there. Well, at least he had done something right. It may have hurt some.. but Draco's reaction had made it well worth it. Ever so slowly, he started to pull back again, only to repeat the same quick movement, burying Draco's cock fully in.
    Draco: He groaned Ron's name loudly, thrusting up a bit, gasping and panting softly.
    Ron: Up until then, he had been fighting back slight pained whimpers, that gradually grew to soft moans as he repeated the same movement a number of times, ceasing the pause inbetween.
    Draco:His hips soon found a rhythm, fucking up into Ron as the boy came back down. He was moaning out the boy's name and crying out loudly in pleasure almost constantly, shaft throbbing firmly.
    Ron: Gradually, he began to spead up the upward movements, moaning more and more loudly as a sheen of sweat coated him, causing his shirt to stick to him.
    Draco:He was sweating as well, panting hard, toes curled tightly. He was very close to orgasm. "Aa...aaah...Ron!I'm close!"
    Ron: He tried to form a response, but nothing more than a loud moan came from his lips as he continued his movements, barely even aware of anything else as his hand drifted down to work across his own cock, growing near his own end as well.
    Draco: He screamed out in pleasure, thrusting himself up and releasing himself powerfully into his redheaded lover.
    Ron: He gasped out and cried Draco's name once more when he once again reached his end, this time onto the blonde's stomach.
    Draco: He moaned, feeling that ass spasming around his length. He felt the redhead's cum shoot onto him and he moaned, thrusting up into the boy and going over the edge again.
    Ron: He moaned out loudly and collapsed atop the blonde, but without pulling away. He kissed Draco's chin softly, panting.
    Draco:He hugged Ron to him tightly, panting. "Are you ok?"
    Ron: "Yeah, I'm alright. Gonna be sore later.." He murmured. "And you?"
    Draco:"I'm great, love." He held Ron tighter.
    Ron:"Good." He nestled into Draco's arms, nuzzling his cheek.
    Draco: He nuzzled back, panting softly.
    Ron:"That.. was incredible.. thank you.." He smiled, kissing the corner of the blonde's mouth.
    Draco: "Any time, love." He grinned softly and nuzzled the boy. "Wait till I have my sight back, and I can 'rape' you...I think you'll have quite a bit of fun. Though you may not think so at first." He grinned playfully.
    Ron: He chuckled softly. "You really are looking forward to that, aren't you?"
    Draco: "Oh yes, very much. And don't tell me you're not." He grinned.
    Ron: "Not quite as much as you from the way it seems." He smiled, chuckling softly.
    Draco:He chuckled and kissed Ron's cheek.
    Ron: He smiled and kissed Draco's forehead. "Though now, I'm exhausted.."
    Draco: "Me too," he murmured softly.
    Ron: He smiled and snuggled up atop Draco, closing his eyes. "Rest well then." He whispered as he started to doze off.
    Draco: He nodded and dozed as well.

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