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Ron Weasley (redheadded) wrote in wizardingworld,
@ 2003-08-12 19:40:00
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    Draco: Draco was sitting up, on the side of the hospital bed, his legs hanging over the side, feet on the floor. He was dressed, but simply--a pair of black slacks and a shiny black shirt. His hands were folded in his lap, and he was staring in their direction unseeingly. It had been a good few weeks that he's been in the hospital. He was being released today, simply waiting for Ron. They hadn't yet been able to restore his eyesight.
    Ron: Ron stood in the doorway, eyeing Draco from where he stood. He knew the blonde didn't know he was there, considering he couldn't see. He had hoped so dearly that they would've been able to restore his sight, but at least he was doing better. He tapped softly upon the door. "Hey, you."
    Draco: He jumped a bit and turned his head towards the sound. He slid off the bed and stood, albeit a bit weakly, grasping the edge of the bed for a small bit of support. He turned slightly towards the sound of the voice he's come to easily recognize. "Hey, Ron.."
    Ron: Ron came through the doorway and was at Draco's side in an instant, arm around his waist to help support him as well as to give him an affectionate squeeze. "How you feeling?"
    Draco:"Better." He wrapped his arms around Ron and hugged the boy firmly. He closed his eyes, slowly resting his head on the redhead's shoulder.
    Ron: "I'm glad." His other arm came around Draco and hugged him gently, still always so concerned about hurting him. He tilted his head down and kissed Draco's forehead softly.
    Draco:He gently rubbed along Ron's arm, sighing softly. "I miss you." Even though Ron had been with him almost every waking moment. "Seeing you, that is.." He murmured sadly.
    Ron: "I know, but they're still working on it, right? Besides, who wants to see my freckly face anyway." He teased, just holding the smaller boy.
    Draco: "I do."
    Ron: "You will again, Draco. You should be happy, you won't have to look at the bright orange of my room every morning now." Again, he teased, attempting to make Draco feel at least a bit better.
    Draco: He simply tightened his arms around Ron more, nuzzling his face into the boy's neck softly.
    Ron: "Ready to go? You must be sick of this place by now." His hands rubbed across Draco's back ever so gently.
    Draco: He nodded softly. "Yeah, I'm ready. How're we going?"
    Ron: "We're going to floo, you aren't allowed to apparate yet." He kissed Draco's cheek softly and moved back slightly, keeping one arm around the boy still.
    Draco: "I'd probably end up in a wall." He grumbled softly.
    Ron: "Which is why we're flooing. Not like it'll take much longer. You're going to be taking my bed, mum set up a cot for me. She's trying to get me to move it into Percy's old room so you can have your own space.." He started to lead Draco from the room, slowly.
    Draco: "I want you with me..."
    Ron:"I'm working on it. I'll do my best, for right now, the cots in my room too." He smiled slightly.
    Draco: He nodded softly, holding on to Ron's hand. "Lead the way then."
    Ron: He slowly led Draco through the hospital corridors. "Did they say if they expected the glasses thing to work? Or if they do, when you would be able to get them?"
    Draco: He shook his head. "Not yet..."
    Ron: Ron sighed softly, his eyes now downcast. He was glad Draco couldn't see him, honestly. Between the slight black eye he still bore, and how saddened Draco's state made him, well, he wasn't that pretty a sight. "Okay so far?"
    Draco: He nodded and gave Ron's hand a squeeze, smiling softly. "Yeah."
    Ron: He eventually made it down to the floo station and nabbed the pot of powder. "Alright, here we are."
    Draco: He nodded and held out his hand. "Just like, dump some in and lead me into the thing..." He laughed a bit.
    Ron: He carefully put some into Draco's hand and led him forward before backing off. "Alright, go ahead, I'll be right behind you."
    Draco: He nodded and tossed the powder down. "The Burrow!" And he vanished in an eruption of green flame.
    Ron: Ron opted to not even bother with the floo powder, and apparated an instant later, standing in front of the fireplace.
    Draco: He stepped out, hearing the crack and moved towards it slowly. "That you Ron?"
    Ron:"Yeah, I'm here." He reached out and took Draco's hands in his own. "Welcome to my lovely home, which is a pigsty currently, you don't know what you're missing."
    Draco: He chuckled a bit and stepped close to Ron, holding those hands firmly.
    Ron: "My mum's still upstairs fussing, so we can just wait here for a couple minutes.." He smiled a slight bit, even if Draco couldn't see it. "Still okay?"
    Draco: He nodded. "Still ok." He moved closer to Ron, one hand moving to find Ron's face, gently tracing it.
    Ron: "Good." He smiled more so, tilting his face to Draco's touch, leaning forward to give him a slight kiss.
    Draco: He kissed back just as lightly, hand cupping Ron's cheek.
    Ron: "I'm so glad you're okay.." he murmured, nuzzling Draco's cheek.
    Draco: "Me too." He drew Ron closer and held the other boy tightly. "I plan on being with you a good, long time."
    Ron: His hands came away from Draco's and his arms wrapped around the blonde's waist. "Good, couldn't stand to lose you."
    Draco: He smiled and closed his eyes, simply resting against Ron's chest.
    Ron:"At least now you can stay with me.. not gonna let you out of my sight if I can help it.."
    Draco: He nodded, smiling a bit. "Yeah."
    Ron: "We still need to see Professor Snape again.. he wanted me to owl him when you woke up again, but I never got around to it.." He noted the smile on Draco's lips, and was ever so glad to see it.
    Draco: He nodded softly. "Yeah, ok." He smiled a bit.
    Ron: "I'll owl him once you're settled.. Come on, shall we head up to my room? Mum should be done by now, I'd hope.."
    Draco: He nodded. "Sure."
    Ron: His hands returned to Draco's and he slowly guided the blonde through his home. "Stairs, careful."
    Draco: He nodded and walked carefully, following close to Ron as he could."
    Ron: He carefully led Draco up the stairs and to his room, walking backwards to help guide him through the house.
    Draco: He squeezed Ron's hands now and then, showing complete trust in the redhead as he followed.
    Ron: "Here we are" He smiled, slowly backing into his bedroom. "It’s been a while since I've been here, I've become used to your bed at the hospital."
    Draco: He chuckled softly. "Then just get used to your bed again with me in it."
    Ron: "I plan to." He noted his mother had gone, and was rather glad. Ron led Draco over to the bed and sat him there. "There we go."
    Draco: He smiles and kissed Ron's hands softly. "Thank you."
    Ron: "For what? I kinda needed to come home too, you know." He sat down next to Draco, releasing a hand to put it around the boy's waist, always feeling better when he was touching him. It made him seem more real.
    Draco: "For being with me all the time. For caring."
    Ron: "You don't need to thank me for that, Draco. You would have done the same." He leaned forward and kissed Draco's cheek softly.
    Draco: He nodded softly and leaned against Ron, snuggling close to him and smiling contentedly.
    Ron: Ron's hand came up and stroked Draco's cheek tenderly, holding the other boy close. "I won't let anything happen to you now, you're safe now, Draco.."
    Draco: "I know." He smiled and turned his head, kissing Ron's neck softly. "I love you, Ron."
    Ron: He smiled. He had been thinking about that a lot lately, and he knew how he wanted to respond.. but.. he wasn't sure if now was a good time to do it. He was hoping that Draco would be able to see him when he said it. He hesitated, then said nothing
    Draco:He closed his eyes, gently holding Ron to him. "I'm tired." He tired easily. He hasn't quite fully recovered yet, but the Healers had assured him, and Ron, that it wouldn't be too long.
    Ron: "You should rest then. Probably the most eventful day you've had in a long time." He shifted further up onto the bed, pulling Draco carefully along with him. "Do you want me to stay while you do?"
    Draco: "Yes." He curled into Ron slowly, holding the other boy to him. "Please."
    Ron: "Alright. I won't go anywhere." He murmured softly, kissing Draco's temple and snuggling back into the bed himself, arms around the blonde.
    Draco: He rested his head on Ron's chest, closing his eyes and slowly falling to sleep.
    Ron: "Sleep well." he whispered and just gazed down at Draco, watching him sleep.
    Draco: He drifted off, comfortably against Ron's body

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