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Lauren (wishonmystar) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 21:02:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:the sounds of kids and the TV

    and I wonder when i sing with you, if everything could ever feel this real forever
    Man, today actually wasn't a half bad day. I'm psyched to have a computer back. It only took us a week and a half to fix it. Theres so much to tell and i don't know if i'm going to have the patience to sit here and type it out. So I'll give the readers digest condensed version. Fourth of July was good. I went and spent the night at johns grandma's with his family. She lives on this beautiful property in MS, so we rode four wheelers and shot off fireworks and i had tons of fun. The best part of though was being able to lay in johns arms taht night while we watched a movie. Its been awhile since its been me and him. Course we slept in seperate beds... even if our parents hadn't enforced that i would've slept in a different bed. I just wouldn't feel right any other way. I'm weird... i know. I also drive a four wheeler for the first time that weekend. John got it stuck in the mud and we had to go get his truck so i had the choice of drivin the four wheeler back or drivin his truck on the highway. I chose the four wheeler.. it was fun as hell!! So we came back on Staruday and i went and saw the violent femmes with erica, john, will, and my sister. That was kick butt cuz 7 $ sox was playin on the side stage. They're so amazing. It just blows me away. And justin.. he's a ko0L guy. He talked to my sister... barely even knows her and talked to her.. even told her hi from the stage. How cool is that? Anywayz... i guess that brings me back to today huh? My dorky ass brother woke me up this morning. He's a weirdo, chris is. so i cleaned and then went out with sean and richard. They're pretty ko0L people. minus the bad driving skills. We went and played mini golf ( i haven't done taht in FOREVER) and that was friggin hilarious. I've hung out with sean before but never richard. He's funny as crap. Then we went and got some chinese. God i love chinese food. Then richard decides he wants to drive seans durango (NICE car) so we went down some backroads. and i don't care what he says.. he does NOT have "mad driving skills" i thought i was gonna pee my pants he scared me so bad. and now.. i'm here... sitting here listening to the kids fight sleep. Maybe something interesting will happen. Buuuut i doubt it.


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