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Lauren (wishonmystar) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 21:47:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:jimmy eat world ~ sweetness

    i'm not alone cuz the TV's on.. i'm not crazy cuz i take the right pills.. everyday
    suprisingly.... i had a good day. After i babysat i went and hung out with erica and watched her and john swim. John is so cute.. i wasn't going to swim.. so i just sat on the side of ericas pool and watched them and laughed. and he would just stand in the middle of the pool and splash me and be like "lllaaaauurrreeeeennnnnn swim with me" and then he'd give me those ADORABLE puppy eyes. *sighs* he has pretty eyes. Anywho.... after like thirty minutes of coaxing i decided screw it i'll swim. So i went and changed my shirt (cuz i CAN'T swim in my doors shirt i might hurt my jim) and i jumped in the pool in my shorts and ericas shirt. What i DIDN'T factor into the equation is i still had my bra and stuff on. But i had fun anywayz. but apparently when my hair is wet it looks like i have a mullet. So all i heard while swimming was "mullet: business in the front, party in the back" So anywayz... me and erica and john and will all hung out today. We did some stuff.. went to taco bell.. i ate like three tacos in three mintues.. i was hungry as a mug. Then we just all goofed off. Somehow we always end up back at a park. Me and erica love to swing. I always feel like i'm 6 and carefree again when i swing. I like having erica as a friend. We're alot alike and we just GET each other. and i can talk to her about john. shes his cousin so she knows what i'm going through with his moods and stuff cuz she grew up with him. I don't nkow about john. I liked him so much so quickly. and the relationship DEFINATELY hasn't been perfect.. but i'm waiting for the bad. I know its gonna come and its gonna hit me hard. He holds my heart in his hands and i don't even think he realizes it. When i went to Bilouxi... i MISSED him. I don't miss people. I've never missed my parents when i've been gone or missed any other b/f. but i was gone for 6 days and i missed him so much my heart seemed to hurt. Its a bitch of a feeling. Welp.. i'm gonna go eat. I'm hungry as a mug. i think thats the second time i've said that in this entry... LoL


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