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Lauren (wishonmystar) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 20:48:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:taking back sunday ~ you're so last summer

    Freak . . Punk ass sissy I'm a freak. . .
    wow... i'm on like a good day streak. Yesterday was so friggin awesome.. spent the entire day with john watchin movies and bein dumbasses. then today i was woken up at the friggin butt crack of dawn (aka 6:45) to go help johns mom with VBS stuff. we ended up at his dads house (which is full of children and a psychotic grandmother) and it actually wasn't that bad. but when i say his grandmother is psychotic i'm not joking around playfully... this lady is senile. granted shes 97 years old but she just says the most outrageous things. and apparently she doesn't like girls. well... that leaves me outta the will ;) anywho... we left there and went and cut bamboo. yes, i did say bamboo. they needed it to make signs for VBS. and by the way.. just so all of y'all know. i think i'm allergic to bamboo. THE ALLERGY QUEEN STRIKES AGAIN!! so helping out with all that really wasn't all that bad. i like johns family. they're awesome. specially his dad. his dad is just the kind of person you CAN'T help but to like. anywho.... i'm babysitting tonight cuz my mommy is sick. johns at a movie, sarahs at work, sean is dirving around aimlesly most likely, ricky just got home from a gig, angel is god knows where, and i'm a big fat loser.
    has any1 actually looked at some of the moods on this thing? they're hilarious! i want to know what some of them mean... and i'm bored.. so i'm gonna look them up:
    exanimate ~ lacking animation or to appear lifeless
    morose ~ having a sullen and gloomy expression
    quixotic ~ marked by rash lofty romantic ideas
    recumbent ~ lying down
    uh huh... yeah..... some of those are really weird. but then again... I'M really weird. well.. i'm off to scare children into sleeping aka i'm still babysitting. maybe more later.
    lata playas,

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