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Sweet Josephine. (wish_on_stars) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 01:01:00
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    survey from a person
    oh wow, I get very bored..I take a lot of these survey things, heh.

    name: Elizabeth
    nicknames: Lizz, Lizza, Lizzy, Lizzie, email...
    parents: Tesia and George
    birthday: Oct 16th, '88
    eye color: brown
    siblings: none
    how do you describe yourself: just..'Lizz'
    what's your sign?: Libra

    have you ever...
    fallen for your best friend?: *sigh* yes
    made out with just a friend?: yeah...
    been rejected?: hell yes
    been in love?: yeah
    been in lust?: yep
    used someone?: no
    been used?: unfortunatly, yes.
    cheated on someone: eh, yeah and I regret it very much
    been cheated on?: yeah, found out just yesterday
    been kissed?: of course
    done something you regret? yeah, a lot

    who was the last person...
    you touched?: Adam
    you talked to?: Adam
    you hugged?: Richie
    you instant messaged?: Justin
    you kissed?:Adam
    you yelled at?: my father..
    you laughed with?:Adam and Richie
    you had a crush on?: Adam
    who broke your heart?: Ron, I think.

    do you...
    color your hair?: used to
    have tattoos?: not yet
    piercings?: yeah, 2 in each ear
    have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: yeah
    own a webcam?: no, but I got a digital camera : )
    ever get off the damn computer?: occasionally
    sprechen sie deutsch?: uh, suure
    habla espanol?: spanish..ah.

    what are...
    you wearing: Rainbow Bright shirt, jeans, tan chucks..
    current mood: bored
    current music: None, I'm watching *elimiDATE* or whatever
    current taste: cheetos
    current hair: up and curly
    current annoyance: these sex commercials that are on TV..meh
    current smell: *sniffs* my house?
    current thing i ought to be doing: sleepin', but am I tired? no.
    current desktop picture: 'I grew up wishing on a star' with a black backround
    favorite band/group: bands that I like
    current book: Schindler's List and 1984...summer reading, oh boy!
    current dvd/video in player: uh..the last movie I saw was Queen of the Damned...
    current worry: Silly Rabbit...:-/
    current crush: Adam
    current favorite celebrity: uh, dunno.

    food: anything
    drink: rasberry kiwi
    color: black, red and purple
    shoes: my WICKED cool tan chucks that I got for 5 dollars. oh yes.
    candy:'s all in the mix
    animal: bears
    tv show: uh...TV shows? meh.
    movie: Say Anything
    dance: ballet
    vegetable: carrots
    fruit: apples

    are you...
    understanding: sometimes
    open-minded: sometimes
    arrogant: I guess, sometimes
    insecure: yeah
    interesting: yeah
    friendly: yeah
    smart: could be if I tried
    moody: Sometimes
    childish: yeah
    independent: yeah
    hard working: sometimes
    organized: yeah..I'm a neat freak eh.
    healthy: hahaha..healthy? that's a good one.
    emotionally stable: eh..
    shy: nah
    difficult: sometimes
    attractive: I think not, but, for soem reason, I have been told I am..I don't know.
    bored easily: meh. summer=boredom.
    thirsty: kinda
    responsible: eh...yeah
    sad: sometimes
    happy: sometimes
    trusting: eh..I guess so.
    original: yeah
    different: oh yes
    lonely: sometimes..

    okay, let me just say this..those phone sex girl commercials are rreeally getting to me. It's the WB for god's sake. eh.

    okay, well that's all for now. gooooodbye.

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