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but a devils heart (wingsofangels) wrote,
@ 2004-02-28 15:37:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:guns and roses-welcome to the jungle

    just shoot me now
    wow today my parents and me didn't do very good.....i came home from kaite's and i forgot i had to go to penn state at 9 so i missed it and my teacher is probably going to be mad....

    so i was talking to my dad about what friends are and don't take crap off of people that are just holding on to ur glory......haha it was fun...and i helped him will the floor...

    then my mom came home and she took my spot and i came up stairs and talked to jess and she asked me to sleep over after the i went to ask and they were like

    mom:didn't i say if u slept at kaite's then no where tonight
    me: but u said she could sleep here and she always sleeps here
    mom:i don't care
    me:mom please
    me:dad stop saying nope

    me:u guys are so diffacult

    then i went upstairs and taked to jess again and my mom comes on the intercom "pam come down here"
    so i went down (pissed off)

    mom:this is how it is going to go
    me: ok?
    mom:we will pick u up at 10 and take u to jess's
    me:but mom jess is getting a ride from eric's why can't i just go with her instead of u coming to pick me up at the same spot she is going to be
    mom:so i know what time u leave eric's
    me:i will call u...omg just say u don't trust me
    me: thats the only reason u want to pick me up..becuz u don't trust me
    mom:no thats not it
    me:mom i'm not stupid
    mom:in a min ur going to be grounded
    me:(turns head and rolls eyes)
    *dad comes upstairs*
    dad:whats going on
    me:*to mom*-u just don't trust me thats why u want to pick me up
    mom:no thats not it
    dad:i don't trust u
    me:thanks dad that means a lot
    me:eww mom just admitt it go ahead
    dad: u either do the way we say or stay here
    *i leave and go upstairs so frustrated i'm crying*

    then i started talking to i called her telling her how eww they are....and my mom must have been outside my door listening...and she opened the door and was like we will see who the moron is!
    so then i had to get off the phone and was all eww

    me:mom whats going on
    mom:we are going to the party
    mom:coming home
    mom:taking u to ur stupid party
    me:then are u picking me up at 10 or can i go to jess's with jess
    mom:i don't know yet u might just come home
    me:umm ok

    soo yea that happened all within a hour time i must have hurt my mom's feelings and she is just treating it like she doesn't care....and acting all pissed off....which i can tell i hurt her...but i hope she heard it would be a big slap in the face....then maybe she would know what she is doing to me!!!!


    *went to get ready for the party and blow off some steam*

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