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-*-Marianne-*- (wildlittleone) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 18:23:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:I'm a Believer --Shrek!

    You can turn out the sun, but I'm still gonna shine!
    Well hello everyone.

    I'm offically the most boring person on the planet. Now that we've all been informed of that, let's begin with yesterday night:

    I made $25. I babysat a girl my bro's age and her younger bro who is going into Kindergarden. She scared me half to death because she kept showing me her gymnastics and stuff. I thought she was going to fall on her head and die. Anyway guys...she didnt', and the night went pretty well. I got home at like 10:30 and fell asleep watching Jerry Macguire with my momma. Who was in an insanely good mood and that scared me too.

    Today I got up and yelled at whoever talked to me because it was early. I hopped in the shower (literally, I was running late and bummed my hip on the soap tray thingy and now have a lovely bruise)) and then we went to 10:30 mass. Father Kenna talked about rappers in his homily, and the lady next to me was mean. I'm sorry, but that was all I got out of church today. I'll try harder next time God ::prays::

    I got back and started cleaning my room. It is a friggin' disaster area. And it only got worse because I kept taking breaks to see if anyone wanted to hang out. But no one was online, so I guess they all had other cooler people to hang out with. So I watched "She's All That" on T.V. Whoop, the highlight of my day. Good movie though.

    @ 4 we had to go to Joseph's baseball party. It was at CiCi's...only we went to the wrong one. Did you know there is one on 610? Wow, I learned something new today. So we were in the car for an incrediably long time and my brother was getting annoying because he kept asking random questions. Like about string, and microphones. I mean, what the hell goes on in his head. I mean, he is a guy, so that kinda stuff could be expected...Hehe, anyway, I had a good time. I mean, all you can eat buffet, what's not to like. They had their super-duper award ceremony and then we left. And my brother annoyed me with his whistling. Great kid. Now I'm here, being sarcastic and feeling mighty lonely. Everyone had a best friend or a boyfriend. And lately I've been feeling so out of the loop. Very unloved. URGH...I hate it, with a passion. I just want people to seldomly tell me or act like they truly need me in their life. Some of them already do, like my Jacka Lacka and Stevie, but they have other best friends too. Bah, I'm making myself sad. I'm done, going to do: something else that doesn't envolve boring you with my troubles.

    Am I made of glass, cuz you see right through me?

    <333 Marianne

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