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-*-Marianne-*- (wildlittleone) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 21:35:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:Shake ya Tailfeather --P. Diddy, Nelly, & Murphy Lee

    Yay for popcorn shrimp!
    Urgh, this is my second time doing this entry and it's not even that important. Oh well...I usually hate Mondays but today wasn't so bad. My mom and brother are so cool. They spend the whole morning whispering so they don't wake me up, like and hour and a half because they are slow...and it's the dog barking or the garage door that wakes me up. It's the thought that counts =) That reminds me, I still dunno what to get my mom for her birthday. It's on Wednesday, the same day as Harry Potters!! Wow, my mom is awesome. Anyway, I think I might get her a bathrobe because I stole her other one...And it's old and un-soft now too. Un-soft, betcha haven't heard that one before!

    Anyway, back to my boring life...I left @ 9 to go babysit the Churchill's. Emily is my bro's age ((Going into 5th grade)) and Sam is...I dunno...LoL. He just had a birthday, but I can't for the life of me remember what grade he is going into. Oh well, you don't care. I made them watch Charmed with me because I love that show and I didn't want to miss it! They liked it okay, but I made up for it by letting them eat all the doughnuts. It went downhill from there. They have ginuea pigs ((spelling)) and I'm allergic to them. So they clean before I come and they keep 'em upstairs. But I didn't take my medicine this morning, like a smart, so I start getting watery eyes and stuff a little after I get there. And after lunch, I was like dead. I couldn't sit up or anything...They were so good for me too. I love them. I feel bad because I did a horrible job of watching them and still got paid. I'm gunna make them a cake or something next time I go, AND take my medicine!

    I came back and slept some more and then I was fine. So Nicole called me like 3495 times about lacrosse because I had to sub in for someone on the other team and she was bored so she decided to go and be a sub too! And it's all cloudy outside and as soon as we get like half-way there it starts pouring. So we get there and chill in the car and laugh at the soccer players who had to run. And Nicole tells me about field hockey camp and stuff. I sold my stick to her, so I guess my field hockey career is offically over. Oh well, Mrs. Evens kinda wrecked it for me by not giving me a chance to play this year. I'm glad to be trying new things. Back to what I was rambling on about. We left and went to Skorz because we are cool and were hungry and Nicole's momma was meeting her friends there. We had popcorn shrimp ((Hence, the title of this entry!)) So we talked about whats been going on lately. I would seriously be dead without my Nicole Noel. I love ya to death girlie!! And I love my Carley, Jackie, Allie, Lizzy, Stevie, Linds and Marie! I'm in a loving mood right now. I love more people but they don't read my journal so I'm not typing their names. Hehe, but seriously kids, y'all keep me going. Mucho Amor!

    Now I'm home. And my mom is watching something on T.V. about a dead guy, my dad is untangling my necklace and Kim is telling me about how she wanted to kill herself because Ervin and Bridget went out for like 3 hours :-\ So I'm trying to be supportive. This is so very pointless!

    ~*Ain't a cloud in the sky, all my tears have been cried*~

    Hopefully that is true, I don't want to dwell on the bad things anymore. Putting it like Lizzy: Drama sucks. I don't wanna be a part of it anymore. I'm changing the way I do business!

    PoCoLoCo8185: gimme a quote of the day for my journal
    Indianette007: Hmm...
    Indianette007: I have no idea.
    Indianette007: But
    Indianette007: Earlier today, I forgot how to spell my name.
    --Not exactly what I was looking for, but it works because...I wanna be just like Allie when I grow up!

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