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Aurora (Ororo) Monroe (wild_weather) wrote,
@ 2003-05-28 17:24:00
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    Current mood: pensive
    Current music:'Jaws' Theme

    Log Entry: Apprehensive Winds...
    Encoding: ******
    Decoding: ********


    It's been pleasant, these past few weeks, helping the new and arriving students settle in. New faces to become accustomed to, new voices calling to each other down the corridors.. I do think I'm getting sentimental, but these are the things that remind me of my first days at the mansion. Slight confusion, bits of chaos, but also blooming curiosity, the shine of novelty not yet faded, and then the slow, growing comfort as the faces I passed by became recognizable and easily connectable to fond memories-- and sometimes not so fond memories--; like the easy sinking into a bed piled high with soft, downy feather quilts or some such. I can see all these reactions, varied but still the same, conflicting on the faces of these new students.

    And best of all, on some faces, I can see hope as they adjust and they realize that they're accepted here, like they could never be accepted anywhere else. Just as there must've been the light of hope that shone from my face as I realized the same.

    This is one of the many reasons why I love this place.

    For all its peace and dynamacy. The place in my heart that I can truly identify as home. But, well, I must be getting sentimental with the years. And, a deep concern has welled within me as the winds have warned me of a shadow that darkens this place of learning and light.

    I have warned the Professor of these ominous warnings, bewaring us of a rising storm of blood and hate. He listens gravely and informs me that he, too, has seen this on the Cerebro, however we can do little but wait. And prepare. I fully intend to prepare. Fearing for my students, my friends, and my home, I will stand strong to protect what I hold dear.

    And, well, there's the clock ringing for one in the morning. Early classes tomorrow, so I'd best try and sleep.


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