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Wild_daisy (wild_daisy) wrote,
@ 2011-02-24 23:37:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    Of Playschool Decisions & Tummyaches
    No, the two are not directly corelated (ie. the playschool decision did not give me a tummyache).

    It was in fact, the crabs at Ah Yat which gave me the runs. More specifically, I believe it was the salted egg crabs, because I had the same symptoms after eating the same dish previously (ergo, my reluctance to go back, but Lobster does not know that).

    Tummyache notwithstanding, I also have a terrible headache deciding if I really want to put David in a full day playschool or in a enrichment class centre where his grandmother can continue to care for him.

    I think option 2 is quite the perfect scenario, except it will cost me an arm and leg. Why? Because (1) I will need to keep that hopeless-at-housework-maid of mine (2) continue to provide full caretaker allowance to my in-laws (3) pay a higher fee. That's right, you read it correctly. The half-day school will cost more than the full-day school. That's because the full day school is at Lob's workplace, and after all the subsidies, we pay an unbelievable amount of S$288. At current Cherie Hearts rate outside, that is one price we should bee thankful for. Plus the school is airy, the teachers' are close to the students...etc etc. You get the drift.

    On the other hand, half-days would be easier for David to cope with, since he hasn't really been in a school environment before. I'm think of Chiltern, which is about S$1,000 per term of 10 weeks for 2 lessons per week, or maybe some other school in AMK that is likely to cost about S$600 - S$800. I know! The math just does make sense! But it's like paying for additional peace of mind, freedom and support. God knows how important family support and flexibility of child care is to a mother who flies all over Asia at least once a month. Plus those spontaneous night-outs with Lobster to have some couple time. With Cherie Hearts, it would mean no falxibility because David's grandma will no longer be his caretaker.

    I need to give an answer tomorrow and I am still desperately looking for answers. A tummyache (quite suspiciously like a tummy flu) is not helping at all!

    P/S: OMG there is no "exasperated" emoticon in my blog. Why?

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