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Wild_daisy (wild_daisy) wrote,
@ 2011-01-03 00:23:00
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    Current mood: amused

    Another Drama Completed!
    And I finally caught up with the drama "Personal Taste (aka Personal Perference)". So that was what the Lee Min Ho craze was about. My colleagues were oozing fangirl about him a couple of months back.

    Colleague A: Yes, he is so cute...and so tall!
    Colleague B: Did you hear him sing? *Swoons*
    Me: Who? Lee Min Woo? The shortie singer? He dances ok.
    Colleague A & B: *Stares at me like I'm a silly nini" He's tall and very cute loh.
    Me: He's ....short (uncertain)
    Colleague A & B: *Turns and ignore me*

    (Yes, yes, on hindsight, I now totally understand I have mixed Lee Min Ho up with Lee Min Woo)

    Ok, he's seriously cute in Personal Preference. Honestly, I can't stand his curly locks in BOF though, no offence to Junpyo fans *gags on curly locks*. No curly locks on any decent man, I say! And that includes you, Mr Jeong!

    I was YouTube-ing for "Beind the Scenes" of Personal Preference and stumbled across some very hot MTVs/CFs of his. And also an absurb one about his ex-gfs. FGS, this guy has been modelling since, what, high school? With his looks, I'm sure as hell he was is a player. Hahaha...if he has no exs, he's probably gaaaayyyyy. :P

    Ok, back to Personal Taste. It's a really, really good rom-com - I don't care what the critics say. I'm going to ignore the silly parts when the drama storyline doesn't make sense and focus on the cute and kissy parts (which, again, are testimonials to his rich experience in playing the field. He's 23 and kisses like he means it!)

    Hmm...I'm totally going to get stoned by his fans, aren't I?

    *Hide behind my Rain posters*

    P/S: This guy has an iphone app!! Why doesn't Mr Jeong have an Iphone app???
    P/P/S: Lob thinks I'm a cradle-snatcher. Hahaha...

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