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SeXii BaBii (wiifedupbabii) wrote,
@ 2005-01-28 18:12:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:isacc talkin bout cuttin a balloon(????)

    madd cold.....
    its mad cold in here!!! well this week was pretty good so far minus the morning sickness n all that good shit.yea i def. threw up this morning and that shit was whack as fuck!!! my mom was like u need to to start drinkin v8 juice and all this shit blah blah blah its good for the baby and all that other i drink it and like 1/2 hr later im in the bathroom at werk pukin ma brains out!!! that just sucked...

    so i started makin a cute lil scrapbook of pictures of me an matt and all of our family for the baby to have when it gets older and its really cute!! then we got this thing that u put the baby hand in and it makes a lil hand print..its soo cute!!

    matt is gettin soo excited tho its soo ganna be the biggest bitch come summer...shit being like 7 months preggy in like june...uh oh...not too much fun for him....ima just spend the time in his aunts pool chillaxin n whatever....but off the baby subject....yesterday we went to jarreds house...madd fuckin bored n then his gurl caitlin came over and we went out n got sum chinease food...shit was mad babngin and we ahd a pretty good time!!! so matts team lost their first football game..i was fuckin buggin out but it aint like thay gat slaughtered or anythin the score was like 36 to 34....but its all good boyz we'll get them in the playoffs...holla holla..well im bout to be out b/c ma man is bout to b callin me..ahh i love it!!...ill update soon..lata

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