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I cant let you, let me down again (whorefeet) wrote,
@ 2004-05-03 07:36:00
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    stolen from audrey
    o. First name: heather
    o. Middle name: ann
    o. Last name: lichty
    o. Nickname(s): whorefeet,c.d., mullet, too many to remember
    o. Birthday: july 19th
    o. Height: 5*4"
    o. Hair color: red
    o. Eye color: brown
    o. Glasses: yep, but they broke last year and i havent gotten new ones
    o. Contacts: no
    o. Braces: no
    o. Hair short or long: MULLET
    o. Astrology sign: cancer
    o. Chinese zodiac sign: no clue
    o. Nationality: caucasion
    o. Bad habits: not ever shuting up
    o. Piercing: 0
    o. Tattoos: 0
    o. Are you still in school: yes
    o. Favorite grade: 10th and 11th
    o. Favorite teacher: webster
    o. Worst teacher: lemontange
    o. Favorite subject: math
    o. Least favorite subject: global
    o. Buy or bring lunch: both
    o. School sports: track
    o. High school: Berlin
    o. School activities: none
    o. Popular or what: i dont think my school has popularity
    o. Favorite memory: being at brits, all the times at kts, shows, soomuch stuff
    o. Worst memory: i dunno, if i did, i dont think id wanna talk about it
    o. Number: 1,435,569,657
    o. Saying: umm, i dunno
    o. TV show: genreal hospital
    o. Sport: is sleeping a sport?
    o. Vegetable: carrot
    o. Fruit: banana
    o. Movie: haggard
    o. Actress: dont have one
    o. Actor: john cusack
    o. Candy: chocolate
    o. Gum: bubble gum
    o. Scent: clinque happy
    o. Candy bar: chcolate n e thing
    o. Ice cream: i dunno
    o. Color: yellow, blue
    o. Season: summer
    o. Holiday: christmas
    o. Band: bright eyes, brand new, nofx, too many to name
    o. Singer: conor oberst
    o. Music: emo/punk/ska/indie
    o. Fast song: "lover i dont have to love"-bright eyes
    o. Slow song: idk
    o. Thing in your room: computer for music, and talking to ppl
    o. Place to be: at a show
    o. Radio stations: i dont much like radio
    o. TV channel:?
    o. Junk food: nachos
    o. Fast food place: wendys
    o. Restaurant:dennys
    o. Shape: circle?
    o. Time of day: night
    o. Country: canada
    o. State: cali
    o. Boy's name: conor
    o. Girl's name: HEATHER hahaha
    o. Mall: crossgates i guess, holyoke was cool too
    o. Video game: i dunno
    o. Shampoo: granier
    o. Computer game: dunno
    o. Car: one that runs and gets good gas milage
    o. Music video: no clue
    o. Swear word: i only really consider fuck a swear word
    o. Month: july
    o. Scary movie: i dont really like scary movies
    o. Team: ?
    o. Boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
    o. Crush: meh
    o. Do you love anyone right now: my friends?
    o. Ever had sex: yeah with like 10 ppl, NO GOD what sorta question isthat
    o. How many hearts have you broken: none
    o. How many people broke your heart: .....i dunno
    o. So what's your bf/gf like: dont ahve one
    o. Do you go more by looks or personality: both
    o. Ever kiss a friend: yea
    o. Are you still friends: no
    o. Do you smoke: no
    o. How about weed: yea
    o. Best friend(s): i have alot
    o. How many friends do you think you have: alot more than i deserve
    o. How many do you actually hang out with: like 30 i dunno
    o. Who drives you insane: everyone
    o. Craziest: cass
    o. Loudest: kala graves
    o. Shyest: prolly gordon
    o. Best hair: kt
    o. Can always make you laugh: cass, kt, sadie, joey
    o. Best eyes:idk
    o. Best name: cassondra, sadie
    o. Most athletic: gordon
    o. Shortest: sarah morris
    o. Best singing voice: definitly jeremy
    o. Skinniest: kala
    o. Nicest: kala, jeremy, joy
    o. Best personality: cassie, and kt
    o. Biggest drug user: im not gonna name them
    o. Alcoholic: not naming
    o. Flashed someone: not in like 3 years
    o. Told the person you liked how you felt: yeah, it never works
    o. Gotten really REALLY wasted: no
    o. Gone to jail/juvenile detention: no
    o. Skateboarded: tried
    o. Skinny dipped: yes
    o. Stolen anything from a store: uh, sure
    o. Been to a concert: yes, more shows than concers tho
    o. Been to another country: no
    o. Talked back to an adult:everyday
    o. Given money to some homeless person: prolly
    o. Cried to get out of trouble: yes
    o. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: cousin
    o. You ate: strawberries
    o. You drank: water
    o. The last place you went: gordons
    o. Last thing you bought: stuff from the show at the armory friday
    o. Last person you saw: my dad
    o. Last person you talked to: nate and jeremy, both asking why i wasnt in school
    o. Last song you heard: moshi moshi

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