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Lil-J (whoflungpoo) wrote,
@ 2004-07-13 01:27:00
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    Current mood: working

    I'm beat. tired. just plain tired.

    I read 4 stories/poems today for hum.
    read a chapter for civ
    finished a takehome test
    dealt with my car insurance..
    read jihad vs McWorld
    and am attempting to write a paper on my views

    tomorrow i get to:
    -finish this paper,
    -take a test in hum over some stories that i really don't care about.
    -call up the unemployment office and get my mu-fukin-money, because they're really dicken me around with it.
    - Find out why the national guard hasn't payed my freakin tuition yet
    - and if i find the time, i'll work on some of my military schoolwork.

    thank god for wednesdays off.. I'm just gonna hang out and try and work on my car a bit... stupid camber...*shakes fist angrily*

    -I'm starting to realize the merits of doing my work early... although i tend to do my best work under pressure, this much pressure sucks.

    -I'm also starting to see the merits of going to bed early, because the more tired i am, the more scatterbrained i get... i think it's time for me to bite the bullet and get some help for that issue too. :( stupid ADD....

    - i rather enjoyed the Jihad Vs McWorld article... although it was a written in 1992, it seems hauntingly relevant today. Especially with the far reaching powers of many of our major corporations now. It makes me wonder exactly how long we have left in the society as we know it. I don't see this being any kind of overnight change, but i can see the beginnings of it now... i might expound on this later, as i'm beat and am heading to bed.

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