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Kelly/Whitey/Mikey (whiteyhat) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 22:12:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Tangerine Speedo - Caviar

    Aloooha. This is Captain Mikey and his captain log. Anywhoo, I'm watching See Jane Date. It's a chick flick but Michelle and Jaime were watching it and it's got Charisma Carpenter and Holly Marie Combs so.. I'm quite happy. I head off to state fair soon to exhibit my livestock. I may have to say goodbye to my four-legged twin, Whitey.
    Today, I went to my cousin Sarah's wedding. She's a little older than me but she's only like, nineteen. We were all allowed to bring a guest and considering Michelle took Scalese, I took Caroline. Jaime's a loser so she didn't have a date. As for the story, I threw things at Adam all the time. I supposed I'm one of those protective older brothers even though I'm only ten minutes older.. I have a question. Why do chicks feel the need to cry at all weddings? Michelle was even shedding some water. She never cries. Caroline is sensitive so her waterworks were working full force. After the cake cutting, there was dancing. Oh, how I love dancing. Sarcasm. Thank you Ms. Shinn. Actually, I can dance. I enjoy dancing. So, that sarcastic statement didn't make any sense. Did you know Caroline looks great in dresses? She does. Espescially short spring green ones. Hey. Gimme a break. I'm a guy. I have the balls to prove it. When her sister dropped her off at our house, Jaime informed me that "our colors clashed" and my mother agreed. So, I had to run and find a tie that didn't clash. Woo-hoo. I ended up wearing this grey suit and a green tie. So, Caroline and I matched. Yippy-Skippy. It was an outdoor wedding and pretty cool. It was by this lake just as the sun was setting so it was real shibby looking. Then, the reception was at the party room at the Holiday Inn. Very nice hotel. The cake was huge. I could have sat under it. Apparently, my mother doesn't approve of me wearing my infamous white hat and red glasses. So, I had to take them off during everything.
    About Caroline, apparently, she didn't like me for my looks due to the fact that after the sculpting goo incident and shaving most of my hair off, she is still dating me. By the way, I think my new hair is spiffy. I look like Kelly Slater, whom I share a name with and is my role model. Getting onto the subject of surfing, Ocean City was groovy. The waves were pretty sweet for East Coast waves and I got a few decent rides in.
    Today, Michelle described me as "A Girl's Guy." What the fudgeit does that mean? I stared at her for a minute and yelled I wasn't gay. She then explained a girl's guy was very sensitive to their girlfriend. I guess that's okay. I mean, chicks dig that kind of act, don't they?
    Anywhoo, while I was at Ocean City, I used the money from third place at a local surf contest to buy a new longboard. I usually ride short but I like the feel of a longboard. Actually, I didn't completely buy it due to the fact that my parents paid for a third of the price. I'm broke. The K&S Fund is coming along well.
    If you were wondering, the K&S Fund is the Kelly & Scott Fund. Scott is my best friend since we were in diapers and we're both in 4-H. Our families always have rooms next to each other at the Holiday Inn at State Fair. In the arcade, there is a video game called Time Splitters 2. Our first year at states, we beat the game but only got 7th place. We needed 5th place to be on the screen. The K&S Fund raises funds in quarters for us to beat this game and get at least 5th place or up.
    Idiotic, huh?
    I'm tired of writing and trying to IM Caroline, Scott, Lefty, and Mark at the same time. Sorry but journal is the first thing to go. So,
    Adios from Whitey.

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