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Allison (whisper590) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 10:54:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:mwhaha

    So this weekend was fun...i stayed at my aunts house and then kelsey came to her house and we drove with her..we were always late thoo because they tell us to be an house early and our parents hate we tied our first game which was at 9:45..then our second game was at 3!! so we went out to eat at a cafe for breakfast then we went to Kmart with Alanna and Kelsey.. it was really fun i got two bandanas red and black and this wipe stuff for my face and then went to our second game... we won tht game!!!..woo hoo!!!...then we had another game at 5:30 so we just waited around for it and won tht game too!!!!!! so then i went back home to my aunts and we had a big dinner yumm it was good....then we woke up early and drove with kelsey to our fourth game and we lost tht game but we didnt know if we were in the metro cu0p put us in the finals for scoring!!then we played the team Northern County or something..the team we lost to and we had played them before they beat us 5-0 then we tied them 0-0 then we lost them 1-0 so now we wanted to beat them,...we did really good in the begining but ended up loosing taking second but we still got good trophies..then i went home with alanna and i slept over her house for two days and it was really fun..we stayed home all dya on monday and then tuesday we went to her cousins and we tried on some wow i got a lot of clothes from her cousin..then we went in the pool for a while but it started too storm then it stopped and we found a rat in the was gross and I had to pick it was sad tho :'(...but then we went back to alanna housed and went to target and her mom got me some makeup..her mom is so nice..and then she got some stuff to and my dad picked me up at target then i went to his house..well im goin to go and watch these 3 dogs because i have to and then pack for this goin to Penn State then next week im goin to Sea Isle

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