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Allison (whisper590) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 11:01:00
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    update argh
    ok this weekend was very the morning on saturday i went to kelseys an we drove to the soccer fields...then we played a soccer team which was very hard...of course we lsot but we are new so it is hard for us....then we drove around and ate at a restaurant...then we went back to our 2nd game and we did "ok"....btu it hink we lost i dont remeber...then we went to friendlys and thn went to get some food and kelsey threw this clean tampax in someones car window and they drove away with it on there!! lol i was hiding because they were right by us o well...then we went to our 3rd game and i tihnk maybe lost tht one too ....then we went back to our hotel room with Alanna and Kelsey and then tok shower ate pizza and we were jumping on the beds..then we had to go to sleep and i slept prettty the morning we had to go to our game and i think we tied tht one but i think we did pretty good...then we were in the car driving back home after we got our stuff from the hotel and i was sitting next to kelsey on the way home and she just took out her cell phone and called Lyndee..hmm i guess i was too boring for her so she was jsut talking to lyndee for 20 min while i was sitting right next to her..then i heard her say to lyndee " i have to tell u something but i cant tell u right now"..prob cause i was there but oooo i decided to calll Nicole to see if she was home..and she was!!! yAY!!!!....and i will update what i did Sunday,Monday,and then today later

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