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Lauren (wheverything) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 20:05:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Dance - FKA

    Melissa's party woo!
    yup, so I went out yesterday afternoon, and brought Hannah's and Melissa's b'day presents. I bought Melissa some White Musk (I love the smell of this, my fave fragrance) deo and lotion, lol. And Hannah got some lotion too :-p and Hannah also got some lime lip balm mmhmm. I want to get some of that for myself too. I went there at 6pm and they liked their presents :-D

    We had a bonfire out the back, toasted marshmallows. I don't like candy but marshmallows is one thing I love! haha, we had trouble starting the fire at first, it just wouldn't light. But it got there ;-) Melissa had her cd player out there but it kept jumping. =/ Julia taught me how to dance! hehe the proper way and all ;-) and then Cara put on a Lifehouse song because she knows I like them. She had brought her cd's and she has the 2 Lifehouse cd's! :-D She put on "Everything" at my wish. But it kept skipping so no one heard anyhow :-p It was around 9.30pm, and I was thinking I wanted to go online to talk to a certain someone =/ yeah..only Cara knows about him, but then everyone else wanted to know lol.

    Everyone started to go inside, but I wanted a moment to myself. As it was a cloudless night, I took the opportunity to look at the stars, since I miss doing that. =/ I was freezing, but I was happy thinking about the certain someone.. :-X -sniff-

    I finally went inside and we all watched The Banger Sisters and One Hour Photo which the character of Robin Williams was freaky! I decided to go to sleep before it ended :-p that was about 12.30am. Melissa and Cara were talking about ghosts, and I do not believe in them whatsoever, but Melissa said she thinks there's one going up and down the stairs at night. I was sleeping next to the stairs!! So I was kinda freaked lol. Melissa almost stepping on me in the middle of the night didn't help, I didn't know what it was :-p

    We got woken at 8am - her brothers were noisy as anything lol. Prue and Hannah had to leave half hour later. So it was Cara, Melissa and I. We had Vienetta ice cream cake for breakfast :-X I went home at 10am round about.

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