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philip (whenstarsmeet) wrote,
@ 2003-08-22 21:27:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:thursday- understanding in a car crash

    is enough finally enough when you least expect it
    lets face it it really is over. im gone for good. im out of her life. i tried so hard to be friends with her friends expecially the ones i really dont like. i went over there to her house today. i shouldnt have. the only good thing i got out of it was that there was another hot girl there, but unfortunately i wasnt in the mood and two she was there with jerky (andrew) the guy i hate more than anyone. lets face it i cant hang out with those people. i cant hang out with the "goths" or the "punks" or even the alternative kids that hang at the group. i just cant seem to get along with any of them. so more likely starting monday im probably just gonna hang out over with my band mcCarthur cq. you know whats sad is i cant even get along with maddy. that really bothers me. she gets along better with jerky than she does me.

    some days arent worth living

    you said goodbye
    i said hello
    you said goodnight
    and i screamed hell no
    sometimes these days
    just arent worth living!
    if only it would just pass us by
    a thousand night wondering why

    shades of grey
    lay upon my eyes
    just maybe one day
    itll be worth knowing why
    why this would go down
    the way it went down

    the iv soaks into my blood
    my mind lost beyond the stars
    let me lay here
    let me die
    just let me die!!!!!!!!
    disbeleif gets the best of us
    i cant help but run from fear

    lyrics by me

    yes i wrote that song isnt it sad. you know what. its true. thats how i feel. thats how i am. no more games. no more attempts to feel something that doesnt exhist. i dont want to settle down with anyone yet! but i dont want to be known as the whore, i just want to be me. i just want to get to know people. experience new things (except for homosexuality) .., you know what. im going. this is hurting my head really bad. i hope i fall and die

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