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_welc0me tOo mii liife_ (whcheer__) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 18:59:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music: My bOo-[[Usher+Alica Keys]]

    Shiity layOut...
    yeO, Whats up nmh.. Well myy jOurnal is loOkin really shiity riight nOw uqh... I need help lOl. Hmm... Well sOo far my day has been ok ii was qOinG to qo to sams but ii was to lazy nd shiit so i stayed hOme and called jess nd we prank calleD peOple iit was hilerOus. Well Justin is suppose to ask me out ASAP lOl hopefully soOn lyk when he comesz onliine hesz qOiing to ask me out b/c thatsz what alexa told me so yay! o0h last niiqht sumone called my hOuse at lyk 12 30 nd my dad piicked up and they said hello this is parenthoOd or w/e nd they said ur dauqhter is preqnant nd shit so ii came one the fone ii was lyk wtf ii shOuld no iif iim preqnant or not nd i did nOt have a test or nuthin aight omq i wuz pissed nd then when ii went online todayy nd fuckin Charlie imed me sayiin o0h ii knO who calLed you nd iim lyk aight who? nd hes lyk mike nd ii fliped oUt omq lol. o0h well ii do nOt care nemore. lOl RaWr. Well ii`m just waiitin arOund fOr justin where the fuck is he? lOl. Lalala. iim sOo boredd ii`m abOut toO call jess so we can prank call more people muwahha... byee x|o *Melinda

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