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Brooke (wet_burritos) wrote,
@ 2003-12-16 06:38:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Green Day - Brain-Stew

    It's a little early...
    Yeah, I just got done playing the Mandolin, Im getting a tad bit better, no thats a lie. Anything with more than 3 strings I've come to notice that I can't play... such as the geetar. Im listening to Green Day right now, and I mean, they have some super easy songs to play on it too, my buddy Blake, who would also be my cousin, and I learned how to play Brain-Stew in Oklahoma last year and trust me, it's as easy as me!!! Oh wait, no... maybe not. But as I was babbling about, my day was crazy, I don't remember it of coarse becuase I never do, but in 2nd hour me and Jess did the same stuff, went in that chatroom and I told everyone she was a lesbian. Some guy told me I needed to go to church too because I didn't believe in God, it kind of offended me because Im trying kinda hard, well at least harder than I was(nt ). Yeah, I guess my little brother is beating me in the youngest age to get kicked out of your mothers house game. Supposedly my mom found out that he had been smoking and kicked him out, which I doubt that she'll go through with it. This person I'd met over hte weekend, Josh, I've been talking to him alot lately, he called me once, it was funny. He got nervous, made me laugh

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