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wentelteef (wentelteef) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 14:10:00
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    summer vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey everybody..
    i thought what the hell, lets update this thing i've started..gotta do it some day..hehehe..
    i just woke up, had a good time lastnight, finally summer vacations, so me and my buddies just hang around too much , keeping us buisy by watching videos and eating pizza!! i arrived home late lastnight, but i diddn't care, this vacation is fantastic, i can now just do whatever i want to do without thinking of any school activities like homework or whatever....noway, i am gonna relax and enjoy this moment as much as i can.
    am going to watch ali.g , i like his stupid humor, the guy just is soooo funny!!first am going to buy some ben&jerry icecream , i just want to sit alone, all alone and watch a movie and eat some icecream, what it all comes down to: i want to get fat!!wahahahahaah....kidding, i don't care, i am longing for icecream, hehehe...
    am very exited cause later this week, me and some buddies, are going sailing, laketripping, that is sooo great,it's an experiance you don't want to mis!!I'ts gonna be wild !!!!!!!
    about my further plans in this vacation ..hmmzz..i don't know, lots of shopping and am am going to take a lot of trips to amsterdam, visiting my friends there and well again shopping!!

    xxxxx-es blessedbe, wentelteef aka morbid-an

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