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Jenni (wendybitch) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 02:15:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Jaime Foxx-your love

    yo whats up g... ntm here... things are goin as usual... o my god josh i guess stopped by today. i wasnt here i was at target shopping. hmmm maybe this will work. cant get my hopes up though. gatta just play it by ear. but we're planing on talkin tomorrow bout us. so thats a good sign that hes willing to talk about things. i just mainly want to tell him that i dont feel special in his eyes and that i dont feel like he cares about me. even if he doesnt tell me he doesnt show me either. for an example on valentines day there was nothing special about the day. it was just simply another day that we went out to eat together. He didnt show me that this special day that i meant something to him. i just felt like a friend. i wanted to feel more than that. i wanted to feel more than that. just for him to let me know that i mean something to him in his life would make me happy.i dont need gifts and i know hes not a person to share his feelings, but just somehow showing that he cares besides just spending time with me would mean the world to me. i just hope things work out. i really like him a lot and dont wanna quit on everything we have so far. he means so much to me but i want to feel like that to him. ok nuff said for now... i hope kels not mad at me shes been distant... i hope everythings alright. i luv that girl!! alright time to study, cant wait for this weekend!!

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