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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2004-04-04 20:07:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:The Tv playing the simpsons

    Its been a long long time
    hi its been about 41/2 months since ive updated my blurty and ALOT has happened... i went out with travis miller again, then james towner, and now after liking him for almost a year BEN... im so happy. Kevin's party was a blast and i turned 13 about 3 days ago. Ive made a whole lot of friends (Kaylei lol) and lani and i got in our first fight. Even tho it was pretty lame. But were cool now. A fight at school got some people to get closer. (lani and stacy and taylor) And some people even ran away (Sam and Jess you guys rock!!!) Stacy and i dont hate each other anymore which is gr8 because shes nice. and rickie and i are on the same softball team. Her house is like my home away from home! Well Life Is good for alot of people. (Except poor Ari Covington) but thats good or me :) no offense to those who like her. Sry Kevin about ditching you on friday. Bogi got in a car accident? Nick and Kaylei are going out, we'll go double dating... Season's Fall broke up and so did Ryan and Sam. I got drunk and smoked my first cigarette for the first time! Lani, remember the leaf!?!?!? at the mall w/ sean?!?!? that ws hilarious! Well thats all the stuff that has changed.

    Heres some stuff that hasnt:

    Taylor still hates me (i think)

    Ari still hates me (i'm sure)

    Ben is as hot as ever!


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