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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 15:12:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:bros watching Tv, which is not music...

    New Hair and New Boyfriend!

    Lani, Anna, Adrienne and i decide to meet eachother at riteaid on Wednesday. Lani and i ate at peccis, or whatever its called and we saw this hot guy there. He was with his dad and his dads friend or something. Well anyways, he asks how old we are and i ask what school he went to. He said valley and then he asked us what school we went to. Lani said Valley for some odd reason, and i said Aviara oaks. Well we ate our food and then Anna and Adrienne show up. So we skip over to rite aid and we decide to dye my hair there and then in the bathroom! So i pick out my color, a bright orangey red and we buy it. Then that one guy we met at peccis comes by and givs us his number. His name is Miles Lang? well anyways we head to the bathroom, we mix the color and the developer, we put on the gloves i take off my jacket and we start putting it in my hair. We head into a stall just in case someone comes in. Well someone does come in and she asks us if we were dying our hair. We say no, but she kicks us out anyways. So im running out with hair dye in my hair and i see Shane, so we say hi and we run outta the store. Then we go up to the bathrooms above these stores and theyre locked and the only place that has the key to it is Rite aid! So we were screwed. Lani just kept putting the dye in right next to the bathroom. But then i needed to rinse it out. So we go to El Pollo Loco and get a cup. I put my head above the Toilet and they pour water from the sink onto my head. Soon the toilet water was dark red and it looked gross because well the hair dye went in. I still needed to put the conditioner stuff in my hair so that my hair doesnt get fried. So then we finally got smart and decided to go to the haircut place because we were desperate. Fortunately, they did it for free and my hair turned out pretty well for what happened. Well we go and gewt soda and hang out in front of subway for awhile. My hair dries and everyone says it looks good. I call my mom on annas cell but no ones home and i could barely leave a message since she had to battery left. But o well. So annas mom comes by and we all hang out in her car. Finally we find Adrienne's ride and she leaves. Then we go and pick up Katie, Anna's sis. Then Annas mom drops off lani and i. My dad and gramma barely notice my new hair but thats alright. (my grandma was over cuz it was my bros bday) Anyways, Lani and i hang out with Julian's sister, Kelly, Lani's neighbour, and Grant. We just hang and we chat. When Lani and i decide to see if Tj was home. So we go and see, and by coincidence we find him walking up the hill. Heading to Jack And The Box. This lady pulls over and asks him if he lived in Harbor Pointe because she thought he robbed her. Hmm... Well Enzo's Step brother from colorado happened to be visiting him and he asks if we wanted to join at the pool in 15 minutes. So we say yes and head home to change. Lani wears my yellow bathing suit and im looking EVERYWHERE for one of mine. But i cant find one. So i just go into my moms room and grab one of hers. Were about to head out the door when my dad stops me. He asks whose bathing suit im wearing. and i say it was my moms new one. he gets all pissed off and asks me to change but i tell him that i couldnt find any of mine. So he tells me to call my mom and ask her if i can wear one of her bathing suits. She says no and dad makes me change. By this point im really pissed off, because my dad also said i could only stay at the pool for 15 minutes because we were about to have dinner. And then everyone comes in, and i have no clue y, Lani and i are fighting as usual. And im just slamming doors looking for a fucking bathing suit. My dad yells at everyone to get hte hell out and then he starts yelling at me. Well i end up finding just the bottom of a bathing suit and lani wears that with one of my mom's tops, Shh dont tell. And i just wear my yellow bathing suit. 15 minutes late, lani and i head down to the pool. Lani, for some reason is like ashamed because she thinks the bathing suit doesnt look good on her. I think it does tho. So yeah, we finally go into the jacuzzi and we chat up a convo with Matt, Enzo's 14 yr old step bro. He finally asks me out? Yeah... I mean hes kinda hot, i guess. Well yeah. my dad wanted me home by 800 but were still at the pool by 845. My dad comes barging through and tells me to come home. I missed dinner but thats alright, i need to lose wait, and lani goes home. Yeah...


    My bro's birthday... thats all i can remember...

    Ill tell u about friday and today later... because woah, did friday give me a headache!


    PS. O yeah i decided to go vegetarian? Well i want to try it out atleast. Ive been animal free for the last 40 hours! Go Me!

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