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WeirdSeance (weirdseance) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 02:00:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Gin and Juice cover by Phish and Les Claypool

    Ghost stories
    I think I've been pretty lucky with ghosts so far. Nothing really bad has ever happened, and I've been fortunate to encounter quite a few ghosts in my fairly short life. One thing I have to say, is that the south of the USA is just amazingly haunted. No surprise really considering the Civil War spread all over the south. And people around here are still quite superstitious. It's been a good spooky environment to grow up in.
    I recently moved back to Tennesee after going it alone for a year in Florida. While I lived in TN, there has always been flickers of somethings out of the corner of my eye, things moved into odd places, etc, but the house I shared with my step sister and her seven year old son was the creepiest place I have ever lived. And I used to live next door to a grave yard, so that says a lot.
    This house was quite nice, and in a nice neighborhood in Tampa. A friend's ex was looking for responsible tenants, just as my step sis and I both found ourselves with reasons to flee our old homes.
    As soon as we walked in the door, we knew we could live there. The house had a great homey feeling and even in the middle of the city just felt safe.
    It wasn't until about a month after we moved in that it started to get odd. The first thing was my nephew's refusal to sleep in his room. He's not a contrary kid at all, in fact one of the most well behaved and easy going people I know. But when it was time for him to get in bed, he'd throw some really massive fits, screaming yelling and pleading not to have to sleep in there. He'd happily sleep anywhere else in the house, just not in that room.
    We checked out the room more in depth, and found that the closet door had been painted over recently and just under the coat of paint, writing could be read. Some of it was silly things like "Bart Simpson rules" Other things were upside down pentagrams and odd symbols, seemingly at odds with the wiccan rede written by the door handle.
    We let him sleep in the living room for a while.
    When he left to spend time with his dad, things started picking up around the house. Mists would appear, slinking down the hallway. Flashes of people passing by would show up in mirrors. Barely audible whispers were heard from my nephew's room. All of these happened frequently, even with several people in the room. In fact, it seemed like the more people that were there, the more likely these things would occur.
    My dad and my brother were so freaked out by it that it was like pulling teeth to get them to visit.
    The manifestations started to get physical as well. The doors would unlock and open frequently, to the point we'd have to double check them several times a day. When either of us would take a bath, and no one else was around, there would be something that would knock on the lower half of the bathroom doors.
    Later, my step sis went back to her husband to try to work things out, leaving me alone in the house. Things actually quieted back down for about a month, before they started happening again, this time however in a very calm, non threatening way I had grown up with. I'd shut off all the lights in the house only to turn around, walk back in and they all be on. I dog sat for a bit and a ball the dog left behind was never in the same place twice though I never moved it. And when I'd stay up late at night writing or playing on the computer, I'd feel like I wasn't alone in the room.
    One night, I got up from the table to get a drink and tripped over something that wasn't there. It felt cool and fuzzy. I think it was a dog that curled up at my feet every night as I sat at the computer table.
    Well, things didn't work out with the step sis and her husband, so she moved back in. This time, things seemed to kick up a notch and take on a decidely threatening air. No one could spend the night at our house without being woken up by strange sounds and feelings of being watched.
    The whispers came back and louder than ever. The safe comfortable feeling that pervaded the house vanished, leaving behind a cold feeling of dread. (side note, the cold feeling saved us quite a bit on air conditioning related electric bills)
    While watching televsion, we would get feelings of being watched only to look up and see the shape of a man leaning against the door frame to the hallway, which would fade as we looked at it, usually leaving behind a whisp of mist.
    One of my step sis's friends came to visit and as we sat talking, several small red scratches appeared on her legs.
    We talked to our neigbor about the house and the people who lived there before and she told us about the daughter that lived in my nephew's room. Apparently she started out being into wicca, though her and her friends dabbled in other things as well. It was not an uncommon site for the house to be entirely dark, save for flickering candle light, and to soon see the girls run out of the house, jump in their car and speed away not to return until well into daylight.
    Well, the manifestations were really getting out of hand, and the usual "go into the light" wasn't working. I looked through my wicca books and talked to some of my friends about ways of getting the household back under some control. I went a prettty herbal witchy route, with the neighbor's assistance. She had a knack for sensing ghosts and energies, and went straight away to my nephew's closet as the root of our problem.
    We had replaced the door, but the closet still felt almost like a dark whirlpool, tugging at you with cold fingers. Our neighboor checked it out and with a tsk, pulled out the hanger bar which had more symbols and pentagrams scribbled on it. We threw it out and almost immediatley the atmosphere of the house changed.
    I spread bay leaves on the floor to dispel remaining negative energy, put pinches of basil in the corners and window sills to discourage any more from coming in and gave the house a thorough physical and spiritual cleansing. For the last couple of months that we lived there we didn't have anymore problems, though sometimes late at night at my computer, I'd still feel something cool and fuzzy brush up against my ankles.

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