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*lil miz me* (weirdoweirderx3) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 17:42:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:green day

    my moms like singin or something ..... CREEPY

    ok so i didnt get to hang out with will today. we were gonna .... but he had to go to longs and get a job application and help his dad or grampa or whoever the hell it was. then his friends were all, hey come hang out with us!! and it was too late for me to do ne thing ne wayz, so he went with his friends. i noe i noe. its only like ... 5:45. but we talked at like .... 5. and i cant go out past 5 but i can BE out past 5 .. does that make sense?? plus, i dont think my mom would have liked me goin to hang out with a bunch of senior guys. it prolly wouldnt go well with her. even me hangin out with just ONE senior guy she'd get mad .... seein as how hes sooo hot. uugghh. oh well.
    tomorrow [monday] is an odd day. meaning, i dont have a last period. neither does will. MEANING i get to hang out with him tomorrow!!! LOL i cant wait
    jesica sez if i want to see if he likes me, make the first move.
    well, i hugged him first, i sat on his lap, i throw out hella obvious hints, i left him a message that sed "hey sexy!".
    he can make the next move!! DAMN.
    but jesica sez i should go up and give him a big kiss. and im like, NOT AT SCHOOL!!!! the creepy psycho bitch ex gf mite see. so she sed:
    "do it in his room, under the covers, with the lites off and music playin."
    yea, how am i gonna get him into that position?!?!?!?! lol damn!!!! i aint gonna kiss him till next time we get drunk ... that way he cant blame me for doin it, cuz we can blame it on the alcohol!!!!! LOL
    PeRFeCT PLaN HaNNaH ! oH SuCH a PeRFeCT PLaN !

    lol im hella dumb ........
    so hes callin me when he gets home .... prolly around 8 cuz he has to finish his essay.
    i prolly aint gonna talk hella late with him tonite. maybe around 1 or 2. i gotta get some sleep for school!! DUH. lol i forgot - did i say how late ive been talkin to him??
    thursday nite: 2 am
    friday nite: 3 am
    saturday nite [LAST nite]: 4 am

    IM NOT TALKIN TO HIM TILL 5!!!! I HAVE TO GET UP AT 5:40!!!!!!!!!!!

    oooooh good times. i want *My GiRL* JC to come over and spend the nite friday [JC, if u can HOLLER AT ME (no that was creepy) just call me!! we'll arrange sumthin]. cuz JC has to meet WILL. she was supposed to but it didnt work out .........
    i gotta go do my homework

    heres wut courtney [stupid psycho bitch ass ex gf] sed to me: ooh, "" means she sed it, ' ' means i sed it

    "hannah! come here!"
    'um hi?'
    "hey we're all friends here!"
    "hi im courtney! im wills gf. he still sez he loves me and has sex with me. wut r u?"
    'im just his friend'
    "i dont believe that"
    'y not??? we really r just friends'
    "well he told me u mite kiss him or he mite kiss u or sumthin like that was gonna happen"
    'if yerr his gf then y is he tellin u that????'
    " *silence* "
    'ok ima go .. bie'

    and i walked away gracefully.
    then will came to hang out with me after awhile. makin me hella paranoid, sayin, "oh shit theres courtney!"
    pretty soon he lafed when he sed it so i could tell when he wasnt serious.
    but wutever
    she sez one more thing to me or makes a face at me, cats gonna kick her ass. and she'll deserve it. but wutever.

    this is gettin me all angry. i was all cool in the beginnin but now im just mad. ..............

    i gotta go before i start gettin pissy AGAIN at someone.
    hella gay

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