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*lil miz me* (weirdoweirderx3) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 17:41:00
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    Current mood:wutever
    Current music:smile empty soul - bottom of the bottle

    ok every time i try and write, like rite before i click update journal, i get kicked off. ITS GAY. but wutever.

    second day of hs today. i wore {sp???} britts skirt and my I LOVE NERDS shirt and my black converses ... i got hit on like .. hella. i dont noe WHY. guys were all, im a nerd, can i be yerr nerd?? CReePy!

    ooh yesterday i met a hot junior named eddie and today i met a hot senior named will.
    eddie has blonde hair and blue eyes
    will has black hair and is the skater type. he looks totally like the lead singer from simple plan, but much hotter lol.

    i walked halfway home with rocky and his friend alex. they were soo funny!! we were crackin up soo hard!!! LOL

    im guessin me and jason r cool now ....
    he sed he was ok with me now ............... so maybe hes not mad ne more ?????
    i hope. i dont like him hatin me cuz i never really hated him and i dont like it when people r mad at me and yea. um .. la la la la la la la la

    me and seth have pe together. we're all cool ... he has a gf but he still talks to me when hes with her so wutever. i decided to not like him cuz he has a gf and not really like ne one but just see wut happens ....
    which nothin WILL happen cuz im so freakin ugly
    oh well
    i wanna go out with will. hes super nice super hot and has his license and a car.
    is a senior too old for a freshman??? maybe if hes 18 .... but i think hes 17. he seemed interested in me.
    i just sed i liked his shoes [we have the same ones haha] and he just stopped and talked to me

    i also met this girl leslie ... shes a senior. shes goin out with my sisters fiances cuzin. shes super nice. i like her lol. NOT IN A LESBIAN WAY SICKOS

    uuuuhhh i have nothin else to say .....................................................................

    im all alone. theres no one here beside me. my troubles have all gone. theres no one to drive me. but u gotta have friends

    y did i say that ???? NO IDEA

    i havent eaten a lot lately. not hungry. hmmm ... sarahs gettin pissed cuz she thinks im anorexic. im like, SARAH IM SERIOUSLY NOT HUNGRY. but wutever. aaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i want a bean and cheese burrito ........

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