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cierra (weenerdudet) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 00:10:00
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    well yeah i thought that i would accually be good at keeping a journal and writting in it everyday but i guess i was wrong. I just got back from the show.....Scattered Fall was hella awsome....there so so so so so so many people there. Pat got a green mohawk.He looks a lot different.He really confuses me cause like sometimes he is really nice and calls me and then other times he is like an asshole and he acts mean to me. He is a confusing person. I met this one really sexy dude...i forgot his name but like i told him i tought he was hott and he said i was too and we talked for a while then some how we got seperated so i didnt even get his numbre ...that sux ass

    well I met some new people tonight. They we all really nice. I got kicked in my left leg at the show and there is a bruise there like bigger and my hurts like fuck! I had a lot of fun tonight tho. I went to my old elementary school today and i saw all of them. It was cool they barely recognized me then they talked for ever and ever. It was fun tho i guess. Well like i kinda think Christina was cool tonight. She like accualy talked to me and it seemed like we were good friends again it was pretty cool. It seemed like she didnt act near as sluty as she usually does so i liked her. She acted hella cool.

    Well today is my stepmom roomate lady thats not with my dad's birthday. yeah thats confusing but its just Michelle's birthday. yeah i called her but no answer i got her some good presents....hummm christmas is comming up. i think im gonna be able to go to modesto for christmas...yay!!! i getta see anthony...cause i told my mom all i want for christmas is to go to laser quest in modesto and he lives right by it so yay thats awsome..but he won't tell me what to get him. He seems hella depresed lately and i hate it when he is like that. I like him so much!! I wish we lived closer to eachother...oh well ill try to write more often...buh bye

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