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kate (wedgietag) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 21:53:00
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    Current mood:confuzzled
    Current music:dashboard!!

    waiting here with hopes the phone will ring
    golly gee how long has it been since ive updated. i dunno. i think sat when i was whining about satan. umm yeah so i went over there and that was cool. megs lil brother kept following us around and calling me hot it was funny/annoying. and like he kept punching us and yelling 'charlie horse' at first i didnt know what it was suposed to be then i was like ahhh! so uhh then we did stuff and then on sunday we went to lake anna! that was fun! umm then ash came home! yay! and i went to her house about 545 on monday and then we saw alex and emma w/ her *ex* bf chris. lol. it was pretty boring. i saw brandon... yummy! and so then we came back to my house and she stayed over and then again tues night and went home about 2 on wednesday. tues night my mom was like blahblahblah sayin how ashley is so much better than me im like w/e lol. so i mowed until the gas ran out..and then i vacuumed and did the dishes and laundry and washed a lotta windows. hmph!
    today summer school started. um. eh. lol. i was hoping to make a good, hot, impression..but i woke up late = hair was a mess, only concealor for makeup..not to mention the disgustingly huge "blemish" that grew over night. ehhh! hopefully tomorrow i will be hotter. lol. saw jon that goofy kid. hm. there are only 2 hot guys in drivers ed..this really hot guy.. jesse or somethin.. and the teacher. lol. next to me are these crack heads that were snorting altoids and telling me all about peircings. grreeeat!
    umm.. and i got a new hair curler!! hooray!! :D:D:D:D so i can actually do my hair all cute and shizzle. hehe.
    i gots no idea what imma wear tomorrow so i gotta go figure that out. bye loves.

    dont be liar x dont say that everythings working x when everythings broken x and smile like a saint x but u curse like a sailor x and your eyes say the joke is on me

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