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junky cardigan (watchdown) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 14:22:00
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    Current music:dealership - california

    rainbows and the ocean. the beach was fun times.
    we took A LOT of pictures and walked a ton of miles. we went into so many stores, but i think i was the only one who bought something there. everything was too expensive. i found a book about gay san francisco and a coffee mug for my mom.
    will and i were so tired by the time we got back into lancaster. yesterday totally felt like three days.
    we stopped at eat n' park and had dinner. my stir-fry was really good, but i lost my appetite somewhere. i think my stomach is still trying to calm down.
    the next time i go to rehoboth, i might be helping will move in. maybe. i just know whatever he wants to do, he'll make it happen :]
    when i got home last night, i saw a package for me from julie laying on the couch. it was so nice and thoughtful. she sent me a mix tape, the soundtrack to the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie, and some cds and books of hers. she sent me her copy of the bell jar. when i saw that, i just started crying. i was really touched.
    i'm listening to the hottest song ever. take my breath away by berlin.
    i'm going to go read. i started valencia this morning in bed.

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