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Taylor (waschen) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 09:12:00
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    Current mood:satisfied
    Current music:Multiple songs from other kids computers

    3rd period excitement
    It is 3rd period, ad design, and I have some time to kill.

    Yesterday, I saw a ladder LITERALLY walk down my driveway. My dad put the ladder down, and because my driveway is at an angle, it started to slide down, except only some of the legs would hit the ground at a time, it looked like it was actually trying to walk away. Im sure it doesnt sound as funny as it was, but it was great.

    Today during 5th period spanish with Justin, it will be Funmas! I can't wait. Probably nothing will happen, but thats not the point, its Funmas!

    Taha is here, he allready corrected one of my errors on this entry.

    I had a great conversation with Justins away message yesterday. I told it to thank Justin for making him so smart, but I dont think it told him. I wonder where Justins away message is right now.

    Pion! I've been trying to put this great word into my everyday vocabulary. I did it with facetious. I thought I couldn't put facetious into my vocabulary but it seems to have worked. That word is great.

    "The Corrugated One" was talking to me yesterday from the back of a UPS, or USPS, or FedEx truck. (he couldnt see the name from the inside) He doesn't know why he is taking so long either. I wonder if his corrugated crunch bar tastes like a normal crunch bar to him. And if they do, what do the real ones taste like to him.

    Speaking of shipments, I wonder when my Rickenbacker will come. I actually bought a Rickenbacker. I think I need to lend it to Justin and Megan so they can make a better picture of her hitting the doggfatha in the head. It will be perfect for hitting the doggfatha in the head.

    I think I broke the record for the longest blurty update while in class.

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